Whenever I am under the weather the only thing that sounds the least bit appetizing to me is applesauce.

Incredibly easy to make, applesauce is a dish that I love to keep on hand. While it is a lovely stand alone snack, it is also a tasty accompaniment to yogurt and cottage cheese, a perfect side dish for any kind of meat, and it can be used in place of oil for baking cakes.

Today I was under the weather. We can’t figure out what caused it – my husband is feeling fine. We eat the same foods and go the same places – but something I ingested did not agree with my system. So all last night and about all day today I spewed forth foul stuff from both ends. Not a pretty sight. I had fever and chills. I had terrible pain in my stomach. It was no fun. No fun at all.

It was probably little surprise to James, when he asked me what I wanted to eat after such an ordeal, that I said applesauce. He was calling from town and though it would have been easier to just pick up a jar of Musselman’s, being the kind of fellow he is, he offered to make it. We have all those good Fuji apples from the market after all. So he came home and gave me a glass of Sprite, then set to work.

I heard a lot of chopping coming from the kitchen, however I usually forgo all that chopping. Here is how I make it:

Wash the apples in a weak vinegar solution, rinse them, quarter them and take out the core. Leave the peels on.
Cut the quarters in half and put them in the electric kettle on low. Add a generous amount of cinnamon. Give them a good stir every once in a while. Let them cook until they become soft and mushy, about an hour on low. (You can speed things up and crank up the heat and stir more often if you are in a hurry.) Run the hand-held blender through them until desired consistency. If you don’t have a hand-held blender – get one! They are one of the most useful kitchen tools ever.

(My son told me that applesauce does not need added sugar. So I tried it without sugar and it not only tastes better but is healthier.)

I was on the phone with my aunt when James brought me a steaming dish. I took a tiny bite. It was delicious. And easy to digest. On the road to recovery!