Part 1 

Undoing the Way We See Things Now


I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.

Lesson 202

  1. (182) I will be still an instant and go home. 

Why would I choose to stay an instant more where I do not belong, when God Himself has given me His Voice to call me home?

I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me. 


Personal Notes and Application:

I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.

Today I am experiencing a distance from and a resentment toward the lessons and I am thinking about how much I really do love the world.   I love my special relationships – my darling husband, and my kids and grandkids and my friends and other family members. I love the Georgia Satellites and Elton John. I love the coffee and the tea.  I love growing  things.  I love books.  I love cooking.  I love the scenery and murder mysteries and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I did not think I loved the world, but now I realize that I do.

I have questions about what it is like in Heaven, in God’s Kingdom that I would be tempted to leave there in the first place.  Is it boring?  That was always my biggest concern because all that sameness, the unity and communion, the foreverness sounds lovely, but perhaps the reality is stultifying.  In the old flannel graph lessons where we were taught as children that the Israelites were so ungrateful for the daily manna from heaven, I was insulted beyond words that their god would give them the exact same thing to eat every day and severely punish them when they grew tired of it and asked for a bit of meat to liven up their diet!  What if God just wants us to do nothing but Be throughout all eternity and do nothing but sing His praises?  What if He wants to feed us the same old thing day after day and cast us off as wretched ingrates if we dare to complain?

I ask the Holy Spirit to be with me and to guide me through this temptation to doubt and distrust God’s best intention of love, stimulation, a sense of fun, and adventure.  Surely the Israelite’s god was their own creation.  Give me a humble mind that doesn’t think it knows it all, a trusting mind that knows God’s love and best intentions.  Illuminate me, is my prayer.  In Jesus name.  Amen.