Lesson 257 Let Me Remember What My Purpose Is

  1. If I forget my goal, I can be but confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in my actions.  No one can serve contradicting goals and serve them well.  Nor can he function without deep distress and great depression.  Let us, therefore, be determined to remember what we want today, that we may unify our thoughts and actions meaningfully, and achieve what God would have us do this day.
  2. Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for our salvation.  Let us not forget today that we can have no will but Yours.  And thus our purpose must be Yours as well if we would reach the peace You will for us.[1]
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My purpose is to return to God, to Love, to my true Self.  Let me not ever forget that, I pray.  When I forget I am confused, unsure of what I am, conflicted in my actions.  Deep distress and great depression wallow behind my outward smile and false front of good cheer.

Today Jesus bids us remember what it is we want – we want to know God, and so we learn forgiveness.  In doing this, we deny (with vigilance) the ego thought system and return our minds to our Father. We want only to achieve what God has for us to do today.  We want our thoughts to be unified and put toward meaningful action.

We must forgive the separation.  We must forgive each other’s bodies which attempt to distort and ration love.  We must forgive the whole ego thought system that would have us destroy and devour one another through false friendships and unholy alliances.  Forgiveness, Jesus tells us, is the chosen means for our salvation.  Without forgiveness, we condemn ourselves, and the ego world continues to spin its web in time and sorrow.  Let us remember our purpose, which is God’s purpose, so that all may reach the peace our Father wills for us.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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