Lesson 259 Let Me Remember That There Is No Sin

  1. Sin is the only thought that makes the goal of God seem unattainable.  What else could blind us to the obvious, and make the strange and disturbed seem more clear?  What else but sin engenders our attacks?  What else but sin could be the source of guilt, demanding punishment and suffering?  And what but sin could be the source of fear, obscuring God’s creation; giving love the attributes of fear and attack?
  2. Father, I would not be insane today.  I would not be afraid of love, nor seek for refuge in its opposite.  For love can have no opposite.  You are the Source of everything there is.  And everything that is remains with You, and You with it. [1]

Photo credit: http://www.intimacywtihgod.com

 Today’s lesson would suggest that sin is a thought that makes us forget who we are in God.  This idea has captured my imagination – for sin has always been taught as something we choose to do or fail to do – tell lies, bear false witness, cheat on your spouse, kill, steal or have sex without marriage.  But Jesus tells us in this lesson that sin is a thought of being so alienated from God our Source that we can never know Him or love Him or experience His Presence. 

It is this thought that blinds us to our Creator’s love.  It is this thought that makes the weird, insane logic of this world seem right.  It is this hopeless thought that gives cause for attack, guilt, retribution, sorrow, and fear.  It is in forgetting who we are in God that turns God into a petty tyrant who goes into sulks and violent rages when his creations fail to cringe and fawn and honor his demands for blood, suffering, and sacrifice.      

Father, today I will be in my right mind.  I won’t be afraid of You and Your Love.  I won’t grovel and plead; I will not use fear and attack or suffering and sacrifice to please You, for You are Love and the Source of all that is everlasting.  Everything that is, remains with You, for You can lose nothing and nothing and nobody can lose You.  Let me never be content with the nothingness, which is that which is without You.  In Jesus name.  Amen. 

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