Lesson 260 Let Me Remember God Created Me

  1. Father, I did not make myself, although in my insanity, I thought I did.  Yet, as Your Thought, I have not left my Source, remaining part of Who created me.  Your Son, my Father, calls on You today.  Let me remember. You created me.  Let me remember my Identity.  And let my sinlessness arise again before Christ’s vision, through which I would look upon my brothers and myself today. 
  2. Now is our Source remembered and Therein we find our true Identity at last.  Holy indeed are we, because our Source can know no sin.  And we who are His Sons are like each other, and alike to Him.[1]
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This morning, I asked God for the Holy Spirit’s illumination for this lesson, for underneath all the agnosticism, atheism, sheer and utter anger at the plight of being trapped in a body, I’ve always known that God was my Creator.  And yet the umbrage of being created to a meat-craving, lust-driven, vulnerable body that was prone to sin and born to die was unthinkably cruel, or worse, stupid, on His part.  In either case, it was difficult if not impossible to have a relationship with such a Creator based on love and respect.

However, the thought that we have made ourselves, as far as our bodies and personalities go makes sense.  Some of us make a personality that is cheery, sunny, carefree, and blithe and there are those of us who tend to go in the other way – holding grudges and keeping accounts, and then we are all a mix – catch us on a good day -we are saintly and kind, and on a bad day – watch out! 

Personally, I have “made” myself go all over the place.  Unpredictable.  We never know what to expect out of you, said this one.  One day you are one thing and the next you are something else altogether said another.  One day you are oozing love and promoting brotherhood, and the next day you want to kill off the species, Lover scolded me one day while I was spouting forth condemnation over our morning coffee. There are probably some prescription medications that would help me be more predictable, but I wouldn’t take them. 

Because I chose to be this way, keen to experience all things human – to be deeply religious, to be an atheist; to be a lover, to be a hater; to be a saint, and oh yes, a sinner.    How do people hold at bay the sheer boredom, futility, and terror of being human?  What works? Which belief system offers more terror, hatred, fear, and insanity?  Which belief system offers love, joy, and peace?  Which behaviors lead to bliss and contentment and joy?  Which practices lead to aggression and bloodshed?  I want to know!  And to know it is to experience it – to suspend reservations, jump in, paddle around for a bit, and find out.

We could call this “sin,” but sin would be sin only if it were forever.  For if we recognize and come home to the living water of true love, joy, and peace only after having dipped into the cesspools of this world, then sin served its purpose and can no longer be called sin, but rather experience, a learning tool, a teaching aid.  We made a human experience here by separating ourselves from God, but Holy Spirit, embedded into our very being, uses our alienation, our experiences in the body to lead us back to our true Self, which is not human or time-based at all, but our eternal Identity created by God. 

Dear Heavenly Father – Let me remember my Identity in You!  Let my human experiences rise again before Christ’s vision, through which I would look upon the Sons of God today.  Let me see us with empathy and forgiveness for what we do in the flesh, for we are as God created us and not as we have made ourselves.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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