Lesson 261 God Is My Refuge and Security

  1. I will identify with what I think is refuge and security. I will behold myself where I perceive my strength and think I live within the citadel where I am safe and cannot be attacked. Let me today seek not security in danger, nor attempt to find my peace in murderous attack. I live in God. In Him, I find my refuge and my strength. In Him is my Identity. In Him is everlasting peace. And only there will I remember Who I really am.
  2. Let me not seek for idols. I would come, my Father, home to You today. I choose to be as You created me and find the Son whom You created as my Self. [1]
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Cardiff Castle

Coming home to our Father!  That we put our faith in idols no more nor think of ourselves as the bodies that confine our everlasting Self.  In God, we find our refuge and strength, not in danger or murderous attack.  My mind fills with peace and calm.  In God is where I find my Identity, and only there in God will I remember Who I really am.

To think that I spent a lifetime searching for who and what I am.  Meaning and purpose evaded me no matter the promising path.  I did not find my Self in special relationships; Self was not in education or profession; Self could not be found in world travel or first-class accommodations.  I did not find my Self in my sporty red Mercedes (as much as I enjoy my car!); nor in charitable clubs and organizations.  My Self could not be found in missionary work, reading the Bible, or studying esoteric scripts.  My Self was not in writing a novel, newspaper articles, or research papers.  My Self is not my body and its ego-centered desires.  The paths I took were not sinful, nor were they in vain.  For eventually, it dawned upon me as it does upon all, that Self is found only in God wherein lies our true Identity.  

I am over trying to find who I am in this world, Father.  I want to come home to You today.  I choose to be as You created me and accept the Sonship of God as my Self.  In Jesus name. Amen.

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