Lesson 263 My Holy Vision Sees All Things As Pure

  1. Father, Your Mind created all that is.  Your Spirit entered into it; Your Love gave life to it.  And would I look upon what You created as if it could be made sinful?  I would not perceive such dark and fearful images.  A madman’s dream is hardly fit to be my choice, instead of all the loveliness with which You blessed creation; all its purity, its joy, and its eternal, quiet home in You.
  2. And while we still remain outside the gate of Heaven, let us look on all we see through holy vision and the eyes of Christ.  Let all appearances seem pure to us that we may pass them by in innocence, and walk together in our Father’s house as brother and the holy Sons of God.
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How do we see all things as pure when the world around us rages and whirls with fear and terror?  The rapists, and killers, the psychopaths, and bums, the drug dealers and human traffickers – are we really called to see them as pure?  Who are we kidding? 

And yet Jesus calls us to use our holy vision where we do see all things as pure.  As the Sons of God begin to use their holy vision, the holy vision itself becomes a reality – we see past the false perceptions of this world’s messengers.  Our real eyes, our holy innocent eyes, not bamboozled with the framework of fear, guilt, and shame on which the ego world is founded and maintained, perceives with love.   

 Am I supposed to walk through this life wearing rose-colored glasses, in a la-la land of love and joy and peace while the world around me is fraught with starvation, floods, fires, and war?  Please illuminate me Holy Spirit I asked.  Show me what this means and give me the means to use holy vision.

Holy Spirit showed me that it is a choice to use my holy vision.  I ask for it, and I choose it. Using holy vision, I bring love and joy and peace to all situations.  Walking in innocence means that we walk with intentions of genuine helpfulness.  We do not promote more violence, shame, guilt, and sorrow by buying into what this world’s messengers tell us is happening to God’s Creation, but instead use our holy vision to look beyond it and make it pure.  Of course, we see what is going on about us, but instead of promoting more hatred and punishment, we look upon all that is wrong as a mistake that can be corrected.  An error, a misinterpretation, a perverted call for love, a stark example of the effects of separation – whatever it may be is a call for holy vision.  Instead of gossiping and casting judgment, we offer healing, hope, and restoration. 

Few of us are willing to take this stand against the nightmare world.  When the ego’s messengers are screaming, “Kill, kill, kill,” the Voice for God is quietly urging us to “Forgive, heal, mend.” 

Father, let us learn to use our holy vision.  Let us see all things with the understanding that this is just the nightmare world of separation from You.  Give us holy vision, so we then walk in purity and innocence past all the madman’s dreams of Your Creation and the holy Sons of God.  In Jesus name.  Amen.