Lesson 264 I Am Surrounded By The Love Of God 

  1. Father, You stand before me and behind, beside me, in the place I see myself, and everywhere I go.  You are in all the things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for my own.  In You time disappears, and place becomes a meaningless belief.  For what surrounds Your Son and keeps him safe is Love Itself.  There is no Source but This, and nothing is that does not share Its holiness; that stands beyond Your creation, or without the Love Which holds all things within Itself.  Your Son is like Yourself.  We come to You in Your Own Name today, to be at peace within Your everlasting Love. 
  1. My brothers, join with me in this today.  This is salvation’s prayer.  Must we not join in what will save the world, along with us? 
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The lesson came later than usual today – I slept in and then there was a trip to the bank to make before it closed, and some milk to pick up at the grocery store, and other errands that seemed so important to do first.  I kept thinking of Jesus, and the love that we have for one another, and of God and His great love, and yet I was also thinking of other things as well.  Getting the laundry done before our trip and what to take on our work trip next week – food wise, clothes, and work wise.  We are both looking forward to attending the Bloomsburg Fair tonight with our grandson, Zachary, and eating John the Greek’s gyros and funnel cakes!  Then one of the brothers from study group wanted me to sing a song that I made up for him.  It was mentioned in my study notes, and he wasn’t going to let me get away with not sharing it.  I love to sing, but I always sound better to myself than I sound to others, but he asked for it!  James asked me to clean the kitchen door so that he could paint it later when he is finished with the roof work. 

Today’s lesson is a reminder of how we are surrounded by the Love of God.  There are times I feel God so close to me and telling me, assuring me of His Love.  This is so wonderful, and I am always so appreciative.  I was born to be loved, created in love, and yet I have never found love in the body.  There are all sorts of counterfeits to take its place, but love happens on the other level, not the body level.  Before that, it is not love but more like an ego need – a special relationship, not a holy one.  When I feel guilty about getting my lesson late, or skipping it altogether, I remember, I am surrounded by the Love of God in the laundry room, packing suitcases, writing a grocery list, and at the Bloomsburg Fair. God’s Love is not limited to the times of devotion when I am studying the Course, reading the Bible, and saying my prayers – but everywhere and in everything.

There is God everywhere I go, Jesus says, even in this dream, in the upside-down world of fear.  There is God in everything I look upon and the sounds I hear and in every hand that reaches out to me and to whom I reach out to.  There is God!  Love surrounds me and keeps me safe.  There is nothing at all that does not share God’s Holiness, that stands beyond His creation, and without the Love that holds all things within It.  And I am created like God.  And I come to Him in His Name today to be at peace within His everlasting Love. 

Yesterday at study group, one of the brothers shared how he had an experience of being much bigger and more powerful than his mortal body this week during an episode in his home.  It all had to do with offering peace and love rather than making the conflict real by joining in at ground zero.  An inner experience, yes, but the impact on the surrounding ego world was miraculous, he relayed.  The dark, accusatory, mean spirit in the environment was replaced by love, tenderness, and sweetness in a matter of seconds.   

And so I invite you to join with me today.  This is the prayer of salvation.  This is the means of salvation – that we join together and bring the world to God’s Love.