Lesson 265 Creations’ Gentleness Is All I See

  1. I have indeed misunderstood the world because I laid my sins on it and saw them looking back at me.  How fierce they seemed!  And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind alone.  Today I see the world in the celestial gentleness with which creation shines.  There is no fear in it.  Let no appearance of my sins obscure the light of Heaven shining on the world.  What is reflected there is in God’s Mind.  The images I see reflect my thoughts.  Yet is my mind at one with God’s.  And so I can perceive creation’s gentleness.
  2. In quiet would I look upon the world, which but reflects Your Thoughts, and mine as well.  Let me remember that they are the same, and I will see creation’s gentleness. 
Photo credit: http://www.eckiefriar.com The Homecoming Tie

Today I meditated upon and invited gentleness into my thoughts and interactions with others as well as myself.  When my grandson returned my car today, still handsomely sporting the new clothes we had shopped for last weekend, I remembered how Lover stopped working outside yesterday to come in and gently help him knot his tie.  And there was this gentle sense of awe from younger brother to the older who had a date and was driving Grammy’s car to the homecoming dance, that I recalled.   Then  three fresh eggs gently frying in butter for the hungry boy, and whole grain toast.  There were hugs and kisses and heart felt gratitude expressed.  How he loves to drive my car to his special occasions.  Last night it was homecoming; last spring it was prom.  A gentleman, he fills the tank with gas and washes it before bringing it back.  How nice is that? 

There was the tender picking of hundreds of tiny orange tomatoes and the joyful baking of a three-cheese pie with them.  And taking a quiet iced coffee break with Lover out back on our old metal chairs, overlooking the still pond. Picture this:  The annual baseball game taking place across the road, families carrying their camp chairs and coolers to watch the game transpire, all the shiny pickup trucks parked in rows – a day of respite from the hard work of farming to come together, play a game, drink beer, and eat good food.  The sun shining, the clouds white and puffy, the thousands upon thousands of people at the fair – nobody shoving or pushing or shouting but smiles and happiness and goodwill all around. A delicious gyro, funnel cake, bubble tea.  Petting our four-legged brothers with their silky noses pressed through the bars of their livestock stalls, ears perked and eyes soft at gentle words.  Walking about until our feet tired; coming home to our bliss.  Tucking the younger grandson into bed with love and prayers and later falling fast asleep and happy with Grandpa.  Today I see the world in celestial gentleness with which creation shines.