1. Christ is God’s Son as He created Him.  He is the Self we share, uniting us with one another, and with God as well.  He is the Thought Which still abides within the Mind that is His Source.  He has not left His holy home, nor lost the innocence in which He was created.  He abides unchanged forever in the Mind of God.
  2. Christ is the link that keeps you one with God and guarantees that separation is no more than an illusion of despair, for hope forever will abide in Him.  You mind is part of His, and His of yours.  He is the part in which God’s Answer lies; where all decisions are already made, and dreams are over.  He remains untouched by anything the body’s eyes perceive.  For though in Him His Father placed the means for your salvation, yet does he remain the Self, Who, like His Father, knows no sin.
  3. Home of the Holy Spirit, and at home in God alone, does Christ remain at peace within the Heaven of your holy mind.  This is the only part of you that has reality in truth.  The rest is dreams.  Yet will these dreams be given unto Christ, to face before His glory and reveal your holy Self, the Christ, to you at least. 
  4. The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in you to all your dreams, and bids them come to Him, to be translated into truth.  He will exchange them for the final dream which God appointed as the end of dreams.  For when forgiveness rests upon the world and peace has come to every Son of God, what could there be to keep things separate, for what remains to see except Christ’s face?
  5. And how long will this holy face be seen, when it is but the symbol that the time for learning now is over, and the goal of the Atonement has been reached at last?  So therefore let us seek to find Christ’s face and look on nothing else.  As we behold His glory, will we know we have no need of learning or perception or of time, or anything except the holy Self, the Christ Whom God created as His Son.[1] 
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Christ is the perfect son of God, still as God created Him.  He is our means of salvation, at home within the Heaven of our holy mind.  Christ is our only reality – the rest is dreams, Jesus tells us.  We give these dreams to Christ and they fade before His glory, and then we know who and what we really are – our holy Self, the Christ, the Sons of God, united as one at last in Christ. 

Holy Spirit bids us to surrender our processes to Him, to be translated into truth.  He wants those dark dreams, the mistakes we made, the useless journeys, the trauma, abuse, and destruction.  The dreams of fear; the fight to survive in a world of doom; the addictions; the adulteries; the lies; the secret hurts and sorrows.  There are no dreams that He will not exchange for truth or extinguish as the nothingness they are. Holy Spirit will exchange them, Jesus says, for the final dream which will end all dreams – the end of time when peace has come to every Son of God and forgiveness rests upon the world.  How could we remain separate from our Father and Creator? 

As we seek to find Christ’s face in the face of our brothers and look on nothing else, teach nothing else, be nothing else, we realize there is nothing else we wish to see except the holy Self, the Christ Whom God created as His Son. We no longer see our brothers as sinners, as joe-joes, bullies, victimizers, liars, thieves, mooches, and predators.  We no longer see ourselves as unworthy sinners who killed Jesus in order to be saved by His blood, the only thing that would repay the tyrant God for our disobedience and wickedness.   We are the Christ.  We are the Sons of God.  We are loved, cherished, and welcomed back with arms flung open wide – no bloodshed, no sacrifices, no humiliations, and tongue-lashings for our imagined sins.  There is a feast, there is music and dancing and festivities, for we have learned the hard lessons of separation.  We walked through the valley of the shadow of death, we searched, and we came home to our heart of gold. 

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