Lesson 280 What Limits Can I Lay Upon God’s Son?


Lesson 280 What Limits Can I Lay Upon God’s Son?

  1. Whom God created limitless is free.  I can invent imprisonment for him, but only in illusions, not in truth.  No Thought of God has left its Father’s Mind.  No Thought of God limited at all.  No Thought of God, but is forever pure.  Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that he be limitless and like Himself in freedom and in love?
  2. Today let me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone, I find the way to You.  Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love, and You created limitless.  The honor that I gave to him is Yours, and what is yours belongs to me as well.[1]
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Although today’s lesson and yesterday’s lesson dealt with our limitlessness and freedom from the cares and concerns of the body, Readers, I could not entirely give my all to it.  This is evident in yesterday’s blog, where I expressed how I have mostly found the promises made in the Bible for our bodies’ protection to be untrue.  For instance, when I fall, I hurt myself, and there are no angels there to keep me from scraping my knees and dashing my feet against the stone.

Well aware of how faithless this sound, here’s the thing:  I am making every effort in this blog to be honest about my state of mind instead of just “pushing” the Course, or the Bible, or Christianity in general.  This was meant to be a year of exploration, study, research, and keeping notes on personal application.  Lately, I have been researching the cult experiences, both for research for my current writing project and out of particular interest. In making an effort to understand our ability to deceive ourselves and others into “believing” in only what we experience with our minds and hearts, I want to experience firsthand what that feels like, even when there are few if any tangible effects in the everyday world to back up our beliefs.  I want to write about it and put the experience out there to help us determine the differences between a real spiritual path and an ego-driven, misleading one.  Is there a path or paths to God?  And if so, which way leads to God, to love, peace, and joy?  Which track (s) lead only to more disaster and separation?

In a conversation with a brother from our study group, we puzzled over how, as little children pleas with God to be delivered from the advances of unholy sexual predators were ignored.  My study partner from college, a young man who had survived sexual and physical abuse from a stepfather, had rather viciously stated that nobody better dare speak to him about God or Jesus.  He recalled his little boy prayers and cries for help, but to no avail.  God and Jesus had not helped him.  What is going on here? You would think that God, in His great and abiding love for us, would not let little children suffer.  And when He does allow small children to suffer, as well as us big kids, why do we tend to make excuses for it?  Why try to convince ourselves there is a higher purpose for the terrible indignities?

I am also concerned about my increasing lack of objectivity.  However, one of the most precious rewards for this study is a deepening understanding of what happened to my mother.  This has been a lifelong quest for me – to understand the psychology behind being drawn into a belief system that is not logical or rational.  For rather superficial examples, the belief that God was concerned with current fashion trends, forbidding females to wear slacks and shorts, while making sure we covered up our flabby upper arms and our chubby knees lest we offend Him.  One particular concern of the Ruler of the Universe was that little girl’s bathing suits were one piece and had attached skirts that covered up their stinky parts.  What was I supposed to think when she insisted that Jesus wanted our hands above the covers even on the coldest nights (this was before central air)?  And it seemed unnecessarily mean to show no sympathy at any sign of illness or injury – which she interpreted as a sign of unforgiven sin.  No doctors.  No hospital.  No medicine.  Just ask God to forgive us for our sin, promise not to do it again, and we would get better.

She whipped us, called us names, judged and condemned us, dragged us to camp meetings and holy-roller services, brought predators and mooches into our home, made a big dark cloud of the world and all its pleasures and yet we could not hate, despise, or leave her because she was one of the most loving, precious, funny, practical, and affectionate of human beings ever!  In her efforts to save our soul, she turned her otherwise smart and good-looking kids into caricatures of themselves – unwittingly projecting her hidden darkness upon us.  She despised obesity; we kept getting fatter.  She hated divorce and remarriage; three out of four of her children were married at least twice.  She denied her own lust and sexuality; we were lusty, sex-driven joe-joes!  

And yet she put such a strong desire and hunger in my heart for the things of God.  The songs we sang, the sense of holy purpose, the inner light from which she shone, the meaninglessness of the world, status, and unholy alliances juxtaposed with the everlastingness of God and the brotherhood of Christ – I have tried to drive from my memory, from my quality world, and yet here I am on a path that gives me the very things I tried to push out of my consciousness, to deny, to say, like my study-buddy from college, “Don’t you dare talk to me of God and Jesus!”

Personalizing our lesson today, I ask myself:  What limits can I lay upon her?  She is as God created her.  I could write a book about her faults and limitations, but this would only glorify the ego and would not begin to touch upon the truth of her.  For she never left the Father’s mind, Jesus says.  She is not limited by her rocky process or the mistakes she made on her return to God.  She is but forever pure.  Would I really want to judge her whom God loves and wills that she be limitless?  She, who is like God in freedom and in love?  Of course not!  I have my memories of my earthly mom: annoying, baffling, resentful ones at times, but mostly I can laugh, be thankful, and in awe of her glory and grace.  She had a process; I have a process, which is no less rocky, hurtful, and confusing.  We will not judge or hold our processes, our stumbling journeys, our ego-battles against one another, but set each other free.  We will not limit each other by the illusions of the ego world, for we are the Sons of God! 

Admittedly, I have fallen in love with the Course.  It gives me a rational, loving, and consistent sense of who God is, who I am, and how to navigate this world of illusion without losing my sense of love, joy, and peace.  The Bible may say I must forgive to be forgiven, but the Course shows me how to do it and why I should do it!  Still, I will do my best to be objective because I believe in objectivity.  As Brother El and I were discussing yesterday, there is no reason to put unquestioning faith in a transcript that came through Helen Schucman in the 1960s and the 1970s unless it aligns with our own Inner Guidance System, our own Holy Spirit, Teacher, and Friend.

Father, I am thankful. Protect our minds from being led astray.  Protect our processes from the temptation to judge and condemn ourselves and others.  Let us not think we know it all and have a right to tell other people how to run their lives.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.

[1] A Course in Miracles/Workbook for Students/What limits can…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 436

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