PART II.  SECTION 7.  What is the Holy Spirit?

Lesson 286 The Hush of Heaven Holds My Heart Today.

  1. Father, how still today!  How quietly do all things fall in place!  This is the day that has been chosen as the time in which I come to understand the lesson that there is no need that I do anything.  In You is every choice already made.  In You has every conflict been resolved.  In You is everything I hope to find already given me.  Your peace is mine.  My heart is quiet, and my mind at rest.  Your Love is Heaven, and Your Love is mine.
  2. The stillness of today will give us hope that we have found the way and traveled far along it to a wholly certain goal.  Today we will not doubt the end which God Himself has promised us.  We trust in Him, and in our Self, Who still is one with Him.[1]
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The hush of Heaven holds our hearts today.  What a lovely idea.  When we have changed our minds about peace and removed the obstacles to its calming presence, we can quietly stand by and watch as all things fall into place.  Today we learn that we do not need worries and fears.  Today we know that we chose God, and thus all conflicts are resolved.  God takes care of everything – He takes our process and makes something beautiful from it.  When we offer Him our special relationships, He renews and energizes them with holiness.  He gives us Holy Spirit, Who finds joy in returning our hearts and minds to God.  He knows with an absolute unconcern that we find in God everything we have ever longed for, sought after, or hoped to accomplish through our wandering and separation.  There is no mad rush or impatient foot tapping on His part.  In the end, all His Sons come home.  It’s that simple and that beautiful.

When our hearts are soft, and our minds are relaxed and happy, we come to know that His peace is our peace.  We are through with sacrifice.  We are through with pain.  We are through with being manipulated and manhandled by the ego!  There is no guilt, no pain and suffering, no death, and no fear in the secret place of the Most High.  When we experience such stillness, we know we are on the right path.  The promise of God is our goal. We come to know our Selves in God.  In quietness and confidence we know our worth.  Thank you, Father!

[1] A Course In Miracles, Workbook for Students, 286.  The hush of heaven…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 440