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PART II.  SECTION 7.  What is the Holy Spirit?

Lesson 287 You Are My Goal, My Father.  Only You.

  1. Where would I go, but Heaven?  What could be a substitute for happiness?  What gift could I prefer before the peace of God?  What treasure would I seek and find and keep that can compare with my Identity?  And would I rather live with fear than love?
  2. You are my goal, my Father.  What but You could I desire to have?  What way but that which leads to You could I desire to walk?  And what except the memory of You could signify to me the end of dreams and futile substitutions for the truth?  You are my only goal.  Your Son would be as You created him.  What way but this could I expect to recognize my Self, and be at one with my Identity?[1]
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While preparing for Devotion today, getting my coffee, my pen, clearing the desk to avoid distraction, quieting my heart and mind for only God, the Voice for God spoke to my heart and commended my unharried, relaxed approach.  This is the timelessness of God, letting go of the stressful demands for time and attention that the world evokes within our minds.  We come before His presence with peace, with the unhurried moments, with no worries about what we have to do next or where we have to be or who we have to call.  Only God is our goal.  Only God. 

All else can wait.  It will always be there!  Put pulling weeds (both figuratively and literally) before our goal of God, and they will ever grow back and tempt us again tomorrow or the next day to keep us from our goal.  The longer we take to reach our goal, the longer we suffer and are tossed about through the turmoil and pain of the ego’s nightmare, our reality hidden from our view, content to die a thousand deaths and more, lost to our Identity in God. 

Let us pray the prayer of today’s lesson together, reinforcing our commitment to making God, our Father, our only goal.  For what but God could we desire to have?  What path could bring us the love, joy, and peace that God promises our eternal souls?  What is it except the memory of God, tucked within our true images and never to be extinguished, that could whisper to us in our quiet moments of our eternal home?  Let God be our only goal.  Let us get past the world’s duality of male and female, black and white, youth and old age, rich and poor, beggar and baker, and be the Sons that are as God created us – for this is the only way that we will recognize our Selves and be at one with our Identity in Christ. 

Let us ask Holy Spirit to teach and guide and bring to our remembrance all the ways of God which we have forgotten.  For when we seek, we will find.  When we knock, it will be opened to us.  When we ask for Holy Spirit, God will not give us a deceptive one.  For we are His Sons whom He loves and to Him our love and devotion belongs.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

[1] A Course In Miracles, Workbook for Students, 287.  You are my goal, my…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 441