II.  SECTION 9.  What is the Second Coming?

Lesson 301.  And God Himself Shall Wipe Away All Tears.

  1. Father, unless I judge I cannot weep.  Nor can I suffer pain, or feel I am abandoned or unneeded in the world.  This is my home because I judge it not and therefore is it only what You will.  Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion.  Let me see Your world instead of mine.  And all the tears I shed will be forgotten, for their source is gone.  Father, I will not judge Your world today.
  2. God’s world is happy.  Those who look on it can only add their joy to it and bless it as a cause of further joy in them.  We wept because we did not understand.  But we have learned the world we saw was false, and we will look upon God’s world today.[1]
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The less enmeshed we become in this world, the less we feel the pain of neglect, misunderstanding, and downright spite!  Refraining from judgment of ourselves and others, we can live in a state of happy forgiveness which releases the world from condemnation.  When we pray God’s Kingdom come, we are asking for God’s everlasting and joyful world instead of this one.  All the ways in which we failed and the world failed us will hurt us no more as we experience the Second Coming. 

When we begin to see this world as false, there is only the Real World, God’s Kingdom, to embrace.  No longer content with ego world, the Real World comes into view – once only a hope, now it becomes a reality.  Christ born in us and living through us, makes us one. 

Imagine!  No more hidden agendas.  No more projecting our own darkness onto others.  No more hurt feelings, spite, and jealousy.  No more war, violence, disease, and death.  We have nothing to gripe or gossip about!  We bond through our shared joy and add to our joy by blessing instead of cursing, by loving instead of hating, by giving to receive and receiving to give.  Let’s welcome the Second Coming and open our hearts for His return.

Only misinterpreting the Second Coming, only misunderstanding God’s Kingdom would have us shrink and cry out in terror, afraid we have not done enough, afraid we will not make it through, afraid we will be left behind.  Let us forgive this world, and God Himself shall wipe all tears from our eyes! 

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