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Audio credit: http://www.eckiefriar.com Lesson 323

II.  SECTION 11.  What is Creation?

Lesson 323 I gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear.

  1. Here is the only “sacrifice” You ask of your beloved Son; You ask him to give up all suffering, all sense of loss and sadness, all anxiety and doubt, and freely let Your Love come streaming in to his awareness, healing him of pain, and giving him Your Own eternal joy.  Such is the “sacrifice” You ask of me, and one I gladly make; the only “cost” of restoration of Your memory to me, for the salvation of the world.
  2. And as we pray the debt we owe to truth, —a debt that merely is the letting go of self-deceptions and of images we worshipped falsely, —truth returns to us in wholeness and in joy.  We are deceived no longer.  Love has now returned to our awareness.  And we are at peace again, for fear has gone, and only love remains.[1]
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We have a debt to truth, our lesson states today.  And oh what a debt, for we have allowed our memory of God’s Love and Certainty to be replaced by fear and chanciness.  We have accepted the myths and fables of a primal people as truth and ended up with a bloodthirsty, bad-tempered, bi-polar God who is one moment loving, kind, and tender with mercy and the next, ready to rip open the bellies of the pregnant and dash their little ones against the stones.  We have confused ourselves with sordid stories of God’s wrath while encouraging them to be even-tempered, loving, and forgiving.  We have taught our children to embrace equality and fairness while teaching them to worship a God who plays favorites and has special relationships with an elect few.  We have substituted our oneness with our Loving Father for religious affiliations, which thrive upon deception, manipulation, and sacrifice.     

Today we gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear.  When our Father asks us to give up all thoughts of suffering, all sense of loss and sadness, all anxiety and doubt, and freely let His Love come flowing into our awareness, we who offer Him this “sacrifice” are healed.  We experience eternal joy.  When we content ourselves no longer with the world’s perception of God, when we no longer support institutions and organizations that promote the ego’s hot-tempered, demanding, self-centered version of our Father, but instead let their lies and misinformation fade away – truth becomes us in holiness and joy.  Serving God is no longer a fearful hardship, but an adventure in love.  We get to know our Father, Who created us with respect and delight, not dirt with blood and gristle. Confident of the Love we have for one another, He has no need to demand our allegiance.  Our Father is not a bloated, self-important tyrant, threatening us with dire punishment!  He laughs at our waywardness with the inevitability of the Good Father – knowing we awaken, knowing we return.  For He is our will, and we are His.  We are the family of God, and we are as God created us. 

[1]A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students.  Lesson 323 I gladly make the…Foundation of Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 463.