Audio credit: http://www.eckiefriar.com Lesson 355

II.  SECTION 14. What am I?

Lesson 355.  There is no end to all the peace and joy and all the miracles that I will give, when I accept God’s Word.  Why not today?

  1. Why should I wait, my Father, for the joy You promised me?  For You will keep Your Word You gave Your Son in exile.  I am sure my treasure waits for me, and I need but reach out my hand to find it.  Even now my fingers touch it.  It is very close.  I need not wait an instant more to be at peace forever.  It is You I choose, and my Identity along with You.  Your Son would be Himself, and know You as his Father and Creator, and his Love.[1]
Photo credit: http://www.eckiefriar.com The Nativity

In today’s prayer, we cry out to God and say, We will wait no longer!  We are ready for the joy Your promised us, Father.  We may be in exile – caught up in the body and in a thought system dominated by ego, survival, and limitations but we are at Home in You.  Our treasure is within where You breathed Your life and formed Your image, and all we must do is choose You in order to choose us. 

In that Kingdom and with that identity there are miracles that we give to one another that nothing in the world can begin to imitate.  Our sorrows for our shortcomings and failures are erased and corrected, instead of bringing sadness and separation, betrayal and meanness to our fellows, we bring tidings of comfort and joy.  We bring the richness of warmth, brotherhood, and healing.  We give life, not death.  Laughter replaces our tears and sadness.  Love corrects all forms of fear and hatred, disease and destruction.  We can not do this with our egos, we can only do this when we accept the Word of God.

Accepting the Word of God does not mean that we accept a particular holy book or manual, a doctrine or a man-made dogma.  Accepting the Word of God means that we accept the Expression of God.  When we use words, when we speak, we express.  We accept the word of God when we express God through our words, thoughts, and deeds.  We are not ashamed to speak of His love, His Fatherhood, the ways in which God draws us to Him. 

Let us not allow fear to keep us from using our words for God.  Let us share our holy encounters, for in sharing we empower others to seek, to learn, to share – this is the miracle which reflects God’s Love, the joy of His constant companionship; the Light which guides our path. 

This Christmas season we can accept God’s Word by sharing the joy of Jesus’ birth.  As we decorate our homes and prepare our feasts, wrap our presents, and partake in our traditions – quietly, calmly, assertively we keep Christ at the center of Christmas. 

[1] A Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students, Lesson 355 There is no end…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 482.