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II.  SECTION 14. What am I?

Lesson 360 Peace be to me, the holy Son of God.  Peace to my brother, who is one with me.  Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.

  1. Father, it is Your peace that I would give, receiving it of You.  I am Your Son, forever just as You created me, for the Great Rays remain forever still and undisturbed within me. I would reach to them in silence and in certainty, for nowhere else can certainty be found.  Peace be to me and peace to all the world.  In holiness were we created, and in holiness do we remain.  Your Son is like to You in perfect sinlessness.  And with this thought we gladly say, “Amen.”[1]
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This morning, sipping coffee and leaning back in our recliners, Lover and I reminisced about the past 23 Christmases we spent together.  We spoke of the peace that God has given us through His Son, Jesus.  This year like every year, we did our best to keep Christ at the center of our Christmas celebrations. 

We had the joy of attending a candlelight service with dear friends.  We enjoyed a Christmas breakfast and opening presents at the home of our son.  We spoke on the telephone and through text to our daughters and their families exchanging recipes, gratitude, and love.  Friends and loved ones brought us cheer.  The house filled with the aromas from the delicious Christmas feast.  The decorations cast a charming twinkle here and there.  There was not one glitch in the peace, the calm, the quiet, the love. 

It is the peace of God that we would give to each other, and to you, dear brothers.  Perhaps it makes you uncomfortable still, but we are the Great Rays that our Course speaks of – we remain as God created us – forever still and undisturbed by what only appears to be our reality here.  Herein lies our certainty, our reality.  There are sorrows which we have no more need to carry!  When we no longer identify with sin, we no longer hold mistakes against ourselves or others.  There is a peace and calm and quiet that soothes our soul and abstracts our many blunders into models for correction. The Course has taught us throughout this year that there is nothing we can do in the flesh that would change our true identity.  We are God’s holy sons, made in His Likeness, in perfect sinlessness.   

As we near the end of our year together in the Course, let us gladly say a big “Amen,” and know that we are still as God created us!

[1] A Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students, Lesson 360 Peace be to me…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, p. 484.