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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Lesson 31 I am not the victim of the world I see.

  1. Today’s idea is the introduction to your declaration of release.  Again, the idea should be applied to both the world you see without and the world you see within.  In applying the idea, we will use a form of practice which will be used more and more, with changes as indicated.  Generally speaking, the form includes two aspects, one in which you apply the idea on a more sustained basis, and the other consisting of frequent applications of the idea throughout the day.
  2. Two longer periods of practice with the idea for today are needed, one in the morning and one at night.  Three to five minutes for each of these are recommended.  During that time, look about you slowly while repeating the idea two or three times.  Then close your eyes and apply the same idea to your inner world.  You will escape from both together, for the inner is the cause of the outer. 
  3. As you survey your inner world, merely let whatever thoughts cross your mind come into your awareness, each to be considered for a moment, and then replaced by the next.  Try not to establish any kind of hierarchy among them.  Watch them come and go as dispassionately as possible.  Do not dwell on any one in particular but try to let the stream move on evenly and calmly, without any special investment on your part.  As you sit and quietly watch your thoughts, repeat today’s idea to yourself as often as you care to, but with no sense of hurry.
  4. In addition, repeat the idea for today as often as possible during the day.  Remind yourself that you are making a declaration of independence in the name of your own freedom.  And in your freedom lies the freedom of the world.
  5. The idea for today is also a particularly useful one to use as a response to any form of temptation that may arise.  It is a declaration that you will not yield to it and put yourself in voluntary bondage.[1]

Notes and Personal Application (2019): Sample of first practice period:

I am not a victim of the world I see. 

The degrees and certificates.  The Globe.  The fan.

The pictures.

The puzzles.

The little globe of Manda’s.

The cat.

The shredder.

I am not the victim of the world I see.

The binoculars.

The purse. 

The bag.  The stinkbug caught in the light cover.

I am not the victim of the world I see.

The books, and binders, and graven images.  The photographs and mementos.

The journals and calendars.  I am not the victim of the world I see.

I am not the victim of the world I see in the inside.

I am not the victim of Beckie, Jim, Georgia, or Melody.  I am not the victim of Latif or Diane.  I am not the victim of Transitions or Heather.  I am not the victim of Kenneth, John, Amy, or Linda.  I am not the victim of James when he fails to understand me or to match my pictures in my head.  I am not the victim of Mom, Dad, my mother and father-in-law, Kimberly, Del, Ken, or Bill.  I am not the victim of Mel or Counseling & Care.  I am not the victim of myself, I am not the victim of any lies or deceitful practices.  I am not the victim of the world I see.  I am not the victim of Fousty, DKG, or Robert Opeltree.  I am not the victim of the mean people in my life.  I am not the victim of Joan or that old bat, Mrs. Vincent.  I am not the victim of the world I see. 

Notes and Personal Application (2020): Although I failed to take note of this last year, this year I realized how closely related today’s lesson concept was with yesterday’s lesson concept.  Yesterday we were to say to ourselves, “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”  We learned that when we draw the outside world into our mind, God shows us what it is teaching us – it is only when we project our ego’s story outward and blame others that we avoid learning and continue to stay trapped in the shadow land of separation.  Today’s lesson idea builds upon yesterday’s idea by releasing our minds from the victim mentality of the world we see.  When we see that all that happens on the outside of ourselves as telling a story that exposes the ego in all of us, we can no longer see ourselves as victims, but as mutual players of the blaming game – the favorite game of the separated.  It is our declaration of release when we stop playing the victim game within and without.  When we no longer try to fill our need for God through special relationships, addictions, achievement, possessions, status, and education, our minds are freed, and in our freedom lies the freedom of the world.  When we are tempted to see ourselves as being victimized by others, by the systems of the world, by the organizations of the world, we can remind ourselves by saying, with conviction: “The world has and still is teaching me everything I need to know about what is not God, what has no meaning, what only ends in sorrow and despair.  I am not the victim of the world I see.”  We are not slaves to the flesh, the ego, or the separation.  We are Sons of God. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 31 I am not the victim…Circle of Atonement, Complete and Annotated Edition, (2017). pp. 986-987.