Lesson 35 My Mind Is Part Of God’s. I Am Very Holy.

Part 1  Undoing the Way We See Things Now

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Lesson 35  My mind is part of God’s.  I am very holy.

  1. Today’s idea does not describe the way you see yourself now.  It does, however, describe what vision will show you.  It is difficult for anyone who thinks he is in this world to believe this of himself.  Yet the reason he thinks he is in this world is because he does not believe it.
  2. You will believe that you are part of where you think you are.  That is because you surround yourself with the environment you want.  And you want it to protect the image of oneself that you have made.  The image is part of this environment.  What you see while you believe you are in it is seen through the eyes of the image.  This is not vision.  Images cannot see. 
  3. The idea for today presents a very different view of yourself.  By establishing your Source it establishes your Identity, and it describes you as you must really be in truth.  We will use a somewhat different kind of application for today’s idea because the emphasis for today is on the perceiver, rather than on what he perceives.
  4. For each of the five-minute practice periods today, begin by repeating today’s idea to yourself, and then close your eyes and search your mind for the various kinds of descriptive terms in which you see yourself.  Include all the ego-based attributes which you ascribe to yourself, positive or negative, desirable or undesirable, grandiose or debased.  All of them are equally unreal, because you do not look upon yourself through the eyes of holiness.
  5. In the earlier part of the mind-searching period, you will probably emphasize what you consider to be the more negative aspects of your perception of yourself.  Toward the latter part of the exercise period, however, more self-inflating descriptive terms may well cross your mind.  Try to recognize that the direction of your fantasies about yourself does not matter.  Illusions have no direction in reality.  They are merely not true.
  6. A suitable unselected list for applying the idea for today might be as follows: I see myself as imposed on. See myself as depressed. I see myself as failing. I see myself as endangered. I see myself as helpless. I see myself as victorious. I see myself as losing out. I see myself as charitable. I see myself as virtuous.
  7. You should not think of these terms in an abstract way.  They will occur to you as various situations, personalities, and events in which you figure cross your mind.  Pick up any specific situations that occurs to you, identify the descriptive term or terms you feel are applicable to your reactions to that situation, and use them in applying today’s idea.  After you have named each one, add: But my mind is part of God’s.  I am very holy.
  8. During the longer exercise periods, there will probably be intervals in which nothing specific occurs to you.  Do not strain to think up specific things to fill the interval, but merely relax and repeat today’s idea slowly until something occurs to you.  Although nothing that does occur should be omitted from the exercises, nothing should be “dug out” with effort.  Neither force nor discrimination should be used.
  9. As often as possible during the day, pick up a specific attribute or attributes you are ascribing to yourself at the time and apply the idea for today to them, adding the idea in the form stated above to each of them.  If nothing particular occurs to you, merely repeat the idea to yourself, with closed eyes.[1]
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The Power of the Mind to Create Blessings

Notes and Personal Application (2019): I did one five-minute exercise and then did random exercises throughout the day.  I found this particular exercise a bit stressful because I do not at this time see myself as holy, let alone very holy.

 I ask Jesus to guide and protect me and keep me on the right path. I have followed the guidance of Jesus in studying the Course, and I trust in Jesus to protect my mind. 

Notes and Personal Application (2020):  Here’s the thing, this morning in spite of our plans, I slept through our devotional time.  And then was awakened by my son who had unnecessarily been called to the house to check up on me because I had unintentionally turned the ringer off on my phone.  I felt more stupid than holy!  I felt more useless than holy! 

And yet today’s lesson idea is this:  God is in my mind and indeed I am very holy.  And so is James, and so is every single one of us in spite of how we feel.  In changing the way we see things now; we are changing what we think of ourselves.  Because we are made in God’s image, and that image is not a body but a Spirit, a Holy Mind, we are holy.  As Sons of God we can be nothing but very holy. 

We will think of ourselves in accordance of what is going on in our environment.  I am a good wife; James is a good husband.  I am a good mother and grandmother.  I am a good chicken-tender, no pun intended!  I am a good housekeeper, on most occasions.  I am a good friend.  I am a good teacher.  I am not a good sleeper.  I am not good at algebra.  I am not a good Christian.  I harbor mean thoughts.  I am quick to judge (but now I don’t call it judging, I call it projecting!).  I am a good communicator; I am a rotten communicator.  I am a good lover; I am a terrible hater and grudge keeper (how can you associate goodness with that?)  I am rich in comparison to this one; I am scraping the bottom of the barrel in comparison to that one.  None of my judgments about myself are real – because I am not looking through the eyes of holiness; I am looking through the eyes of the changeable, erratic, feckless ego.

This morning when I caused my husband and son undue alarm, I felt anything but holy.  I could castigate myself for the insomnia that has plagued my entire adult life.  I could berate myself for missing our devotional time which we were looking forward to doing over Facetime.  And how did the ringer on my new phone turn off by itself?

I see myself as stupid with technology.

I see myself as irresponsible

I see myself as undependable.

I see myself as being a failure with the Course.

I see myself as being too dependent.

I see myself as helpless in the face of insomnia. 

I see myself as defenseless.

I see myself as being a good wife.

I see myself as a loving and grateful mother.

I see myself as a good friend – so looking forward to reconnecting with one of my favorite people today at lunch!

What a profound exercise to remind us of who and what we really are.  Our holiness is not based on our environment, on our abilities, inabilities, and disabilities, on our worldly status, or our number of friends and followers, on our moods, our achievements, our bank account balance. 

God is our Father.  Our mind is part of God’s.  We are very holy.

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students Lesson 35 My mind is part…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, (1992). pp. 51-52.

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