Lesson 64 Let Me Not Forget My Function

Part 1  Undoing the Way We See Things Now

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Lesson 64  Let Me Not Forget My Function.

  1. Today’s idea is merely another way of saying, “Let me not wander into temptation.” The purpose of the world you see is to obscure your function of forgiveness and provide you with a justification for forgetting it. It is the temptation to abandon God and His Son by taking on a physical appearance. It is this the body’s eyes look upon.
  2.  Nothing the body’s eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation since this was the purpose of the body itself.  Yet we have learned that the Holy Spirit has another use for all the illusions you have made, and therefore He sees another purpose in them. To the Holy Spirit, the world is a place where you learn to forgive yourself what you think of as your sins.  In this perception, the physical appearance of temptation becomes a spiritual recognition of Salvation. 
  3.  To review our last few lessons, your function here is to be the light of the world, a function given you by God. It is only the arrogance of the ego that leads you to question this, and only the fear of the ego that induces you to regard yourself as unworthy of the task assigned to you by God Himself.  The world’s Salvation awaits your forgiveness because through it does the Son of God escape from all illusions, and thus from all temptations. The Son of God is you.
  4.  Only by fulfilling the function given you by God will you be happy.  That is because your function is to be happy by using the means by which happiness becomes inevitable.  There is no other way.  Therefore, every time you choose whether or not to fulfill your function, you are really choosing whether or not to be happy.
  5. Let us remember this today. Let us remind ourselves of it in the morning and again at night, and all through the day as well.  Prepare yourself in advance for all the decisions you make today by remembering they are all really very simple.  Each one will lead to happiness or unhappiness.  Can such a simple decision really be difficult to make?  Let not the form of the decision deceive you.  Complexity of form does not imply complexity of content. It is impossible that any decision on earth can have a content different from just this one simple choice.  That is the only choice the Holy Spirit sees.  Therefore it is the only choice there is.
  6.  Today then let us practice with these thoughts: Let me not forget my function. Let me not try to substitute mine for God’s. Let me forgive and be happy.
  7. In the frequent application of today’s idea throughout the day, devote several minutes to reviewing these thoughts, and then thinking about them and about nothing else.  This will be difficult, at first particularly, since you are not proficient in the mind discipline that it requires.  You may need to repeat, “Let me not forget my function” quite often to help you concentrate.
  8. Two forms of shorter practice periods are required.  At times, do the exercises with your eyes closed, trying to concentrate on the thoughts you are using. At other times, keep your eyes open after reviewing the thoughts and then look slowly and unselectively around you, telling yourself: This is the world it is my function to save. [1]
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Notes and Personal Application (2019)This lesson is ringing true to me because it explains the world and my place in it.  Before this, I have been in a state of confusion about the world and God’s reason for creating such a place.  I couldn’t imagine a kind and loving God allowing such a place to exist, let alone creating it in the first place.  Understanding that this world is the one we made to replace God’s Kingdom explains it all.  I no longer have to wrestle with the idea of bowing down to a deity whom I could never love or respect.  My Father and I share the same Spirit.  The body was not created by God, and for this, I am so thankful, because I could not be thankful for the body which is driven by desires, prone to disease, and which ends in certain death.  This world is the  alternative to the real world.  And for this I am thankful for everything here fades away and dies or turns into something else.  There are those who have reconciled themselves to this; I have always longed for and yearned for what was real and everlasting. 

I love how the lesson explains how the physical appearance of temptation is transformed by Holy Spirit to the spiritual recognition of Salvation.  Looking back over my life then, the shame and self-reproach for my “sins,” is transformed into a forgiving, kind, and gentle appreciation for Salvation, for forgiveness, for the recognition that this world and this body, as symbols of the separation, are not the places in which I will find my true identity or my eternal home.  The very thing that the ego would use to destroy us then is the very thing that sends us back into the everlasting arms of God!   

“Let me not forget my function” is a prayer to our Father and a reminder to me to remember what I am here for and why I came to this place of separation.  Jesus came to be the Light of the World, and I came to be the light of the world.  I did not come to be a body or to be the world’s victim; I am here to be the light of the world, to learn and teach the truth.  I did not come to the world to become rich and wealthy, famous and beautiful, I came to the world to reconcile my will with God’s will, to bring darkness to light.  In other words, I came to bring my darkness, the ways in which I thought I knew more than my Creator, the ways in which I wanted to do things my own way, to be special and feel I had a right to ask for special favors and to be more than my brothers, I came to bring that all to light.  I went my own way.  I tried to find the special love I found in God through all manner of different channels.  None of those channels matter the least bit.  What matters is that I came here, to time, and to this dream of separation, to be with all those others who would separate themselves from God, to bring my darkness to light.  I came then to be part of that light, to be the light of the world, to bring peace to every mind through my forgiveness of separating myself from Love, from the Sonship of God, the Brotherhood of Christ.   

When I come to the light, it becomes me, and it is not for myself alone.  I don’t get to become the light of the world and then hop on the glory train to the Kingdom and let everybody else behind.  I am here to stand with Jesus.  To be the light of the world.  That concept of good, old, trusty Jesus standing with the light and me riding into glory on the hem of His blood-soaked loincloth is not the message He teaches.  He says that I must internalize this message and make it part of me.  I am the light of the world.  I don’t get to go until everyone goes.  The good shepherd leaves not one behind.  Until every will becomes the will of God, the Kingdom is not complete.   

My prayer then is this:  Let me not forget my function in the world, dear Father.  Let me not forget why I am here.  Let me use the remainder of days here to teach and save and heal the false perceptions that we have made of You.  Show me how to do this with my mind, my thoughts, my words, and deeds.  Let me not forget it while I am keeping my house clean and while I am making dinner and enjoying the company of my family and friends.  Let me not forget it when I am having lunch today with my sister and cousin.  Let me share your love and compassion and kindness by being your love and compassion and kindness.  Let me never be tempted to hate instead of love, judge, and condemn rather than use my thoughts for mercy and forgiveness, tells lies instead of the truth.  You are my God of Love, and I have missed You so terribly through all that false teaching and purposefully misinterpreted dogmaLet me not be a coward, but fill me with Your holy courage, I pray in Jesus name.  Amen.

I am the light of the world, and forgiveness is my function when I recognize that while my body has a vagina, my eternal Spirit is neither male nor female.  No matter the color of my skin, I am neither black or white, red or yellow.  The real Me is not German or Welsh, Arab or Chinese.  I am One with God who made me pure and holy, innocent and forever.   I am an irreplaceable part of the Sonship of God.  

I am the light of the world, and forgiveness is my function when I recognize that God Who is Love would never lead me into any kind of temptation.  He would never send me to burn in hell because I told a lie or committed fornication.  God, Who is Love, would and could never allow the enemy to have the Kingdom which He has placed within me.  Death is not the end of me because the body is not me!   The body may be the sad invention of separation, an evolving tale of the repetitive cycles of birth, development, maturation, and death, but Holy Spirit transforms that pathetic story into the spiritual recognition of Salvation!  My loving Father would never create a body that requires such constant and ongoing maintenance.  God creates that which is whole and self-sustaining. 

When the darkness has been brought to light in my mind, I understand that God has no need for power and control over His creatures, because He is Love, and He is Power, and He is control and His Justice is merciful and true and right.  He does not have to bully it from us, threaten us with hellfire and everlasting torment, or take our Christmas away.  He could not care less about what happens in this world because it is not a world that He made, it is our bad dream, it is a world separated from God.  All He cares about is getting us back to the Kingdom where we belong. 

The light of the world is within me and becomes me as I bring my darkness to His light.  As I take my darkness and walk into that light, I am purified and transformed, and His light becomes me.  Therefore I can say, “I am the light of the world,” and stand with Christ in His resurrection instead of senselessly trusting in the suffering and humiliation and death of His human form to save me.

Notes and Personal Application (2020):  This morning, as we were having our devotions long-distance, James experienced more difficulties with his Jeep – a few weeks ago, it was turbo lag; before that the engine was seizing up, and today it is the transmission.  Instead of fuming and fussing, and losing our joy, we recognized that the Jeep has performed its function. In essence, it has been a roomy, comfortable, fun means in which to travel for the past few years.  There have been ongoing issues, on and off again problems, so now may be the time to bless it, forgive it for its imperfection, for its temporality, and replace it.  Nothing lasts forever in the separated realm because God did not create this.  We have no need to fume and fuss because we recognize this, and our minds have quit searching for what cannot be found here.

While this may seem like a trite illustration, it has a lot of meaning to us because this is precisely what we have spent years of our life trying to do – looking in the physical realm for that which would bring us ongoing joy, happiness, and a sense of security and certainty.  The temptation to find our sense of privilege fulfilled in a vehicle of any kind is transformed into recognition of Salvation.  This idea, in its abstract form, can then be used for all things that fail and disappoint us in this temporal, separated world.  Forgiveness becomes natural once we have fully internalized the truth and have become the light in which we bring our darkness. 

Our function is given to us by God.  We chose separation.  Now we choose to bring that darkness to the Light of His Love and become the Light of the very world in which we made in darkness.  We stand with Jesus.  What arrogance it would be for us to think that our Salvation is for us alone!  That we would be somehow more special to God than those who remain separated from His Love, doomed to the cycles of despair and sorrow, teased and placated with the gaiety and woefully short-lived pleasures of the substitute world.  What cowardice would induce us to believe that God’s Light in us is too dim, feeble, or stupid to be worthy of His use?   

The world’s Salvation rests upon us.  We are the light of the world.  This is our God-given function.  The separated world is waiting for us to forgive it.  As long as we fail to forgive it, we keep it spinning round and round with all its sorry substitutes for God’s Love. 

Let us not forget our function!  Today we will practice these thoughts as much as we can:

Let me not forget my function.

Let me not try to substitute mine for God’s. 

Let me forgive and be happy.

[1] A Course in Miracles.  Workbook for Students.  Lesson 64 Let me not forget…Circle of Atonement. Complete and Annotated Edition (2017). pp. 1048-1049.

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