Lesson 89 Review Lessons 77 & 78

Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Lesson 89 These are our review ideas for today:

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  1.  (77)  I am entitled to miracles.  I am entitled to miracles because I am under no laws but God’s.  His laws release me from all grievances and replace them with miracles.  And I would accept the miracles in place of the grievances, which are but illusions that hide the miracles beyond.  Now I would accept only what the laws of God entitle me to have, that I may use it on behalf of the function He has given me. 
  2. You might use these suggestions for specific applications of this idea:  Behind this is a miracle to which I am entitled.  Let me not hold a grievance against you, __________ but offer you the miracle that belongs to you instead.  Seen truly, this offers me a miracle.
  3. (78)  Let miracles replace all grievances.  By this idea do I unite my will with the Holy Spirit’s and perceive them as one.  By this idea do I accept my release from hell.  By this idea do I express my willingness to have all my illusions be replaced with truth, according to God’s plan for my salvation.  I would make no exceptions and no substitutes.  I want all of Heaven and only Heaven, as God wills me to have.
  4. Useful specific forms for applying this idea would be:  I would not hold this grievance apart from my salvation.  Let our grievances be replaced by miracles, __________.  Beyond this is the miracle by which all my grievances are replaced.[1]

Notes and Personal Application:  Morning fifteen – Review Lesson 77 I am entitled to miracles.  We are entitled to miracles in place of sacrifices, suspicions, jealousies, strife, guilt, and sorrows.  We are entitled to feeling good, loving others, and experiencing their love in return.  We are entitled to miracles.  Let the miracle of healing occur in our lives by healing our perception with love and understanding.

Those whom I perceive with the eyes of the ego, the psychopathological liars, pot-stirrers, the overly ambitious and self-centered, those who spell trouble, let me see with the healed perception.  Let me know them as You know them.  Perhaps I am not ready to turn my back upon them lest they push me down the stairs, steal my job, and defame my reputation, but let me see them for who and what they are in Your sight.  Those with whom I could never love or trust without a miracle, let me see in the light of who and what they really are in all their wonder, joy, and blessing. 

Behind the sour feeling that I have towards fussy little cliques, clubs, and churches is a miracle to which I am entitled.  Behind the feelings I have toward Diane for pouring out venom and sharing hate instead of love, is a miracle to which I am entitled.  Behind the feelings that I have toward those who would make a problem worse instead of better, are miracles to which I am entitled.  Seen truly, in every given circumstance of my life where I have reeled back in disappointment, rage, revenge, and sorrow, I missed an opportunity to offer a miracle.  I don’t want to miss any more!  Next time I am tempted to hate, to lick my wounds, to add to any disturbance by yapping about it to everybody who is silly enough to not shut me down – let me go for the miracle instead.    

Behind the pretense of brotherhood, our churches, clubs, and communities are infused with the true spirit of Sonship.  Behind splintered factions, our families provide the support and sense of belonging, which they symbolize in love.  Behind the special relationships that the ego offers, are holy ones that reflect the unity and oneness of God. 

Miracles are our birthright, our God-given privilege that sees no ego-made constructs or isms.

Evening fifteen Review Lesson 78 Let miracles replace all grievances.   It is in this idea and in this practice that we are released from the hell of hatreds, variances, grudges, spite, and unloving behaviors, attacks, and defenses.  It is with this idea that we walk in safety and security.  When we say, “Let miracles replace all grievances,” we will there be light.  We recognize that grievances keep our minds from salvation and fill our minds with hell.  We say, “I no longer want to be tormented by the illusions of hell.  There will be no exceptions, large or small.  I make no substitutes for God’s plan of salvation.”

When we use the specific forms outlined in our lesson to train our minds to give up those belittling grievances, we are establishing that no more will we allow these beliefs in nothingness to stand in the way of the miracles to which we are entitled!  Toward anything and anybody that come to our awareness, let there be no exception.  This will feel uncomfortable at best, and downright painful at worst.  We have trained our minds to cherish our hurts and sorrows, to build cases against those who have let us down, who have piled too much upon us, who have failed us in our hour of need.  When we forgive them, we are forgiving ourselves – it is the only way it works.  If I despise the way my sister lied about me and told stories about me to hide her own failures to love and be kind, I have despised myself.  When I forgive her, I am forgiving myself, I am forgiving our humanity, I am forgiving the fact that we have related to one another and ourselves as bodies and egos rather than as Sons of God.   

We can choose to hold on to our grievances, but they will keep us apart from our salvation.  They will keep us in hell, and we will teach our children and grandchildren, our friends, and loved ones, our ancestors and our descendants, to stay in hell with us by sharing our grievances and asking for allies in separation.  We see this being played out across the world on every level.  We have made a sorry excuse for God’s Kingdom and called it evolution and civilization.  But we have never figured out how to get rid of the rot that keeps us from the truth until now.  We must let miracles replace grievances, for the world we have so carefully constructed in our fear of God and our trust in separation can be wiped out in a flash of a gigantic fireball or ground to a seeming halt by an invisible virus.   

Beyond all of this, whatever is happening in our lives, how we are handling the current situation, who we are blaming and holding responsible, is the miracle by which all grievances can be replaced.  We can make signs, we can protest, we can sing the song of our people, we can chant slogans, and usurp whole color groups to symbolize our current causes, but this is not how to heal any given circumstance or situation.  While we may share a sense of unity with the people who wave our chosen banner, within our groups there is disunity, disdain, and deceit. This is not the unity of God which is our everlasting entitlement and the only way to save the world!

God does not forgive our grievances because they are not His to forgive.  We made them; we have to give them up. This blog is the ongoing story of the process of me, changing grievances into miracles. Holy Spirit asked me to share the process because by sharing the process as openly and honestly as I am comfortable with lets others know how deeply ingrained grievances worm their way into our subconscious and keep us apart from our salvation. 

Holy Spirit told me to use real names and real circumstances.  He said not to worry about hurting people’s feelings – that miracles are far more important than tiptoeing around people’s feelings or worrying about what other people think of me.  He told me to spell it out, to describe how difficult it is to give up our dearly beloved grudges.  Even though we may recognize how grudges discredit us with unpleasantness, boorishness, and ill will, we still hug them up, cherish them, and display them for others to enjoy.  It would seem that our ugly little idols protect us by offering justification for withholding love, affection, and support.  They are like deities to us, and we worship them by sacrificing our true and loving natures on their multitude of altars, and we promote them by teaching them to others.  The world is full of these ugly little shadows that keep us from the love of God, and there is only one way to get past them.

First we ask Holy Spirit to shine the light of God upon us to expose our grievances.  It feels so good at first.  The freedom of letting go, the joy of love flooding one’s being, the sense of spiritual growth and closeness to God…but then they come back to their maker, and if that maker is still in residence, that maker will invite its miscreations back in.  I was taught that the maker is the devil, this unseen powerful force that is outside of me and that I have to battle with not to let in.  But I have learned that the maker is not the devil, and it is not powerful, and it is not outside of me.  It is in me.  It is my identity in the world.  It is a miscreation that has been blamed on God, but which has nothing to do with God or with who and what I really am.  The maker is my ego which I have cherished and identified with ever since I decided to make this world my home.  God has nothing at all to do with my ego.  I made the choice to make it my identity instead of God and it is by my choice alone that it is given up. 

And giving it up, with all its cherished grudges and conceits, constructs and defenses, vengefulness and fear is what makes us tremble. because it would seem that our whole existence in this realm of separation depends upon our commitment to our egos, to our special relationships with other egos, and to institutions which demand allegiance to egos.   Meanwhile, our true identity as the powerful Sons of God who have a rightful place in God’s Kingdom is obscured. 

When we chose bodies over spirit, when we chose this world over the real one, we stepped into a nightmare of delusion.  Our most cherished brothers would become our enemies, our most beloved friend a foe.  We would be set upon each other and trade in love and abundance for alliances and scarcity.  This is the hellish realm of ego which only thrives upon our lack of love, our belief in its delusions, our trust in our human form for salvation. 

When we try to earn our salvation through our body we come to a dead end.  Literally.  When we try to earn our salvation by punishing others who do not adhere to our same religious beliefs, we become martyrs for a cause that is not love.  A martyr teaches that to shed blood is a way to salvation, to suffer pain and suffering pleases God, that bodies instead of spirits matter.  A martyr teaches that to stubbornly cling to an outdated, primitive mode of religion that has never made sense or stands up to logic is somehow holy and special and deserves reverence.  Nothing could be farther from a miracle; nothing could be farther from the truth.  God is a God of Life, of Laughter, of Love.  His Will is for us to be happy and to be one.  If this is not what your holy book teaches, it is not holy, and it was not inspired by God.  And you know this is true.  The Voice for God is calling all of us.  The Voice for God is saying, Listen to the still small voice within.  Your salvation depends upon giving up your grievances, not taking up more! 

 People who do not listen to the Voice for God may be tempted to join with other egos because they believe that ganging up gives them power.  They believe that buying into a system of egos – good, bad, helpful or destructive, will increase their worth, their power, and give their life meaning, saving them from a sea of despair.  This is part of the illusion.  In God there is oneness and unity and it is for us He is calling.  Every single one of us, from our ancestors to our descendants, are only splinters, separated and meaningless, until we are joined as one in our minds and spirits.  God is calling to each of us to return to Him, to return to who and what we really are.  We need miracles to replace all grievances.  We have made a world from which we must be saved!  Let us return to our loving Father walking hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart and bask in His love forever.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 89…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 154. 

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