Lesson 111 Review Of Lessons 91 and 92

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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

LESSON 111 Morning and Evening Review Lesson 91 and 92

  1. (91)  Miracles are seen in light.  I cannot see in darkness.  Let the light of holiness and truth light up my mind and let me see the innocence within.
  2. (92) Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.  I see through strength, the gift of God to me.  My weakness is the dark His gift dispels, by giving me His strength to take its place.
  3. On the hour:  Miracles are seen in light.  On the half hour:   Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. [1]
Hourly Review – Miracles are seen in light.
Half-Hourly Review – Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.
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Notes and Personal Application:  Today we begin our lesson review for the past twenty lessons.  We get a second chance!  Sure we had our devotions every morning, and I spent my time writing the blog, and we managed to remember only some of the hourly and half-hourly guidelines in applying our mind training.  But today begins a second chance.  How can we get as much out of this as possible? 

Today in devotions, I expressed the ego resistance that I have had to doing the hourly and half-hourly mind-training meditations and exercises.  My ego was resistant to doing it all over again.  “Last year’s exercises should have sufficed,” it whined.  “It is ridiculous to have to interrupt the flow of your day to stop and take a few minutes to meditate upon things that you already know.  It’s bad enough every hour, let alone these half-hours in between.  How are you ever supposed to get anything done?” 

We came up with a few physical level scenarios to illustrate the importance of repetition, discipline, commitment, and perseverance.  For instance, James said, “Just because you ate a meal ten years ago, doesn’t mean you will not have to continue eating them.”  We noted that a daily bath (or maybe two) isn’t such a bad idea either.  It hardly stands to reason that going to the gym last year, no matter how faithful we were in our daily efforts to keep physically fit, is going to do us much good if we stop exercising now.  In every single area of this physical realm, one must review, replenish, refresh if one is to keep gaining ground in any given pursuit!  Sit still, try to ride on one’s past laurels, keep trying to collect dues from past favors long forgotten – we don’t get far because it does not work that way. 

There is a reason that our lessons and the guide in which to practice them are reinforced repeatedly throughout the day.  Jesus tells us today that we are inclined to practice at the appointed times (if that) and then go about our day and without remembering to apply what we have learned to the daily circumstances that arise.  Our lessons are intended to be applied.  This way they are reinforced to us and prove themselves to us by helping us to keep our peace throughout the day. 

Many of us have stressful, demanding jobs.  There are worries and concerns over our loved ones, our communities, our world and the overwhelmed systems we made to keep us safe and sustain us.  We do not have to look far to find devices that would undermine our rest in God.  This morning when I woke in the night I received a text informing me that my beloved teacher and cousin had been admitted to the hospital with symptoms of this novel virus which seems to be loosed upon the earth. 

If I did not know that miracles are seen in light and that light and strength are one, I would be in darkness.  I would be fraught with fear and anxiety.  I would worry about not only my beloved cousin, but her husband and her cats and other living creatures that depend upon her. Imagine how I would worry and fret if I did not know that we rest in God.  James would be drawn into my darkness.  I would feel compelled to share it with others – oh pray for Bonnie, I would plead with all of those who care for her.  If I believed this world real, I would believe that my dear cousin is a body, vulnerable and at the mercy of modern medicine, fate, and begging God to spare us some of His mercy to heal her to let her live another day.  My day would be ruined.  I would feel so helpless, my hands bound with all the regulations that tell us we cannot be within two yards of each other. 

However, none of this is true.  When we prayed for Bonnie this morning in our devotions, we send her thoughts of love and peace and joy.  When I called our ACIM study group and reached out to my fellow teachers with a text asking for the miracle, it was with calm certitude that Bonnie is a spirit, and that she learn that this is true.  Miracles are seen in the light where we hold one another in deepest love and highest regard – without selfish demands, trusting completely in God’s Will. 

In darkness, we don’t see miracles.  In darkness our minds are full of the shadowy connotations and counterfeits of ego which feed upon our fears.  In the physical realm we are always afraid of something, and this is the realm in which ego feasts and seems to exist.  But the strong and everlasting light of truth reveals the miracles.  We experience miracles beyond the darkness of the ego which would distort our vision and distract us with its nothingness.  We see past the dream and into the reality of God.  This is strength.  This is light.  They are one. 

Today Christ urges us to take the events and circumstances of our daily life and apply these lesson ideas to them as you live them.  If at all possible, join with us in the hourly reminders and the half-hour reminders as we demonstrate our determination to be free of ego and open the gate of Heaven within.  We set our alarms on our smartphones for the hours and half-hours.  We recorded the lessons.  For less than 30 seconds for each lesson, we put aside our earthly pursuits and answer the freedom call.  If we miss the hourly or the half-hourly, we do our best to make up for it, otherwise we let it go and look forward to our next time of practice.  You are welcome to use the recordings we enclosed with today’s blog.  However, it is especially helpful to use and become familiar with your own voice, employed in holy service reminding you of salvation’s plan.  If you have the means to record your own sessions or to read the ideas aloud – this is even better!  As you become familiar with delivering the message of Christ to your Self, you develop the spiritual boldness to share your voice with others. 

God bless and keep you on this day as we take another opportunity to drive our lessons deep and fulfill our holy functions.     

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 111…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). pp. 204.

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