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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

LESSON 112 Morning and Evening ReviewLesson 93 and 94

  1. (93)  Light and joy and peace abide in me. I am the home of light and joy and peace. I welcome them into the home I share with God, because I am a part of Him.
  2.  (94) I am as God created me. I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one with Him, and He with me.
  3. On the hour:  Light and joy and peace abide in me. On the half hour:   I am as God created me.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application:  In the morning we had our devotions and recorded the hourly and half-hourly reviews of the above lessons. In our hourly reviews we welcome the light and joy and peace of God into our consciousness by training our minds as home for God’s gifts. We take all that is not love, all that is fear and worry and condemnation, and give it no more place in our minds. Those things that would trouble us and weigh us down, those memories that would nip at us and cause us to stumble, those cares and concerns that we have in our physical bodies – we surrender to the light of God. His light is a healing ray that dissolves all that is not of Him; only then can we experience the joy and peace of God. When we ask God to guide us and to direct us, He promises to never leave us comfortless. Light and joy and peace abide in us – we will not find it in the world, in other people, in chasing after happiness where it cannot be found! We are part of God, our lesson reminds us today, and His gifts abide in us.

In our half-hourly reviews, we are reminded that we are as God created us. We can never separate ourselves from God, for we belong to Him. We may have made something to take the place of what God made, but it only seems to exist in this holograph called time where the past and the future keep us striving in a constant state of flurry and flux. We remain forever as we were, changeless like God. We are one with Him! He is one with us.

Today we set the reminders on our phones for the hour and the half-hour. We recorded the lesson ideas and no matter what we were doing, we did our best to stop for a minute and listen to the lesson ideas and thank the Lord for our awakening, for inspiring our minds, for saving us from the rounds of time. When we listened together we would remind one another of how blessed we are to have this Course and these lessons to keep us on track, to undo the thoughts that ego would give us and instilling the thoughts of Jesus our Savior on the altar of our minds.

Throughout the rest of the review lessons, let me recall the words of Jesus in the introduction to Review Three:  Do not forget how little you have learned. Do not forget how much you can learn now. Do not forget your Father’s need of you, as you review these thoughts He gave to you.

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 112…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 205.