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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

LESSON 116 Morning and Evening Review Lesson 101 and Lesson 102

  1. (101)  God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.  God’s Will is perfect happiness for me.  And I can suffer but from the belief there is another will apart from His. 
  2.  (102) I share God’s Will for happiness for me.  I share my Father’s Will for me, His Son.  What He has given me is all I want.  What He has given me is all there is.
  3. On the hour:  God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.  On the half hour:   I share God’s Will for happiness for me.[1]
Hourly Meditation
Half-Hourly Meditation
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Notes and Personal ApplicationWhen we take the first thirty seconds of every hour to remind ourselves that God’s Will is our happiness, we are freeing ourselves from the ego’s belief in separation.  We thought we could find happiness outside of God.  We thought that there was a special man or a special woman, a boy or a girl, a dog or a cat that would love us the way we were meant to be loved.  We thought there was a profession that could fulfill us and make our lives worthwhile.  We thought that winning the admiration of others, or arousing their envy, or distinguishing ourselves in the world would take the place of God, but we did not find happiness. We went our own way!  We worshiped that which is not God.  Some of us mistakenly seek salvation in a self-proclaimed David Koresh type and ended up getting burned.  Or we may put our faith in our government and see our political leaders falter and fail.  When we put our faith in man-made systems, they collapse under the weight of bribery, bureaucracy, and greed.   The ways in which we neglect to see God’s Will and our perfect happiness as one go in many different directions, but there is one road to our happiness, and it is God’s Will.  There is no will but God’s Will.  There is no happiness but God’s Will. 

Throughout this day, Jesus instructs us to join with God’s Will for happiness for us.  When we repeat each half-hourly lesson idea, we are correcting our minds from the ego’s lie that God’s Will is for us to suffer.  When there is a sense of loss and martyrdom in our walk with God, we are to ask God to show us, exactly, what we are giving up when we seek His Will for our lives.  If giving up the ego and identification with the body, feels like sacrifice, then we have simply not learned everything the world is here to teach us.  Perhaps there is another way that the world can offer us happiness, one which we have not tried yet. Maybe we have not learned yet, that the world cannot give us happiness.  There is no condemnation; there is no reproof in this approach.  God says: “Please, go with my blessing.  Seek for happiness where it cannot be found.  I will never leave you.  Me and your happiness will wait until you are satisfied that what I have given you is all you will ever want, and all that there really is.” 

During our reminders today, we open the hour with recognizing that God’s Will is perfect happiness for each one of us, collectively and otherwise.  On the half-hour, we are called to join with God’s Will for happiness, to take His Will and recognize it as our own.  We were made to be happy; we are called to remember our happiness; we are our Father’s Will. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 116. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 209.