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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

LESSON 117 Morning and Evening Review

Lesson 103 and Lesson 104

  1. (103)  God, being Love, is also happiness.  Let me remember that love is happiness and nothing else brings joy. And so I choose to entertain no substitutes for love. 
  2.  (104) I seek but what belongs to me in truth.  Love is my inheritance, and with it joy. These are the gifts my Father gave to me. I would accept all that is mine in truth.
  3. On the hour: God, being Love, is also happiness. On the half hour: I seek but what belongs to me in truth. [1]
Lesson 117 Hourly Meditation
Lesson 117 Half-Hourly Meditation
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Notes and Personal Application:  God being Love is also happiness!  Let this lesson reminder ring through our hearts and minds today, cleansing us from all unholiness and impurity that would dilute and pollute our oneness with God and with creation.   Love brings happiness and there is nothing else that brings us joy.  God, being Love, created us.  We were created by Love, to be Love, and to be Loved.  When we deny love, we deny God; when we deny love, we deny our happiness.  To step into oneness and unity with God is to step into love and unity with Love. 

Let us remove all other images of love from our mind.  Let there be no other gods before us that would demand sacrifice and offer condemnation.  Let the special relationships of the world be shown for what they are.  When our friends and families desert us in our hour of need, let us know – God is Love!  Without Him there can be no happiness.  When we remember that God and love and happiness are the same, every other relationship falls into its proper place in our hearts and minds.  We can only experience pure love with God’s Love.  We can only experience true happiness, with God’s happiness.  All other substitutes fail, and for this we are thankful!

In our second meditation, we are reminded that we seek but what already belongs to us in truth.  Love and joy are our heritage, Jesus tells us. Created by love, and with it the joy and newness of life, love never went anywhere. If we seek it in the world, we will not find it.  Our Father, Who is Love, endowed love to us.  We seek but what already belongs to us in truth.  There are times we forget this in the world, but our half-hour meditations today will imprint this on our minds so that we remember.  We seek, yes, but we only seek for that which is already there.  We have misplaced the love and the joy that goes along with it, but it is still there. It did not disappear or leave us in a fit of rage. We are going to find it when we get past all the ego-blather and psychobabble that would suppress our awareness of our legacy in God, His Love and the joy His Love brings.  This is who and what we are – we are love.  We are not these petty little egos who get their feelings hurt at the slightest slight.  We are not these raging bulls who flounce about and punch the walls when we do not get our own way.  Nor are we not these self-satisfied bloats who point the finger of condemnation at those who are lost and have not found their way.  In all the ways that ego would define us, we can say – That we are not. Even as we belong to Love – Love belongs to us, is us, in truth.     

Do your best today to keep up your practice of the hourly and half-hourly meditation calls.  In between the meditations, ask the Lord to make clear of all that is not love in your mind, for this is keeping you from experiencing the happiness of God.   As we seek for what belongs to us in truth, know that it is there.  Be willing to get past all substitutes of the ego.  If you are not aware of the substitutes for love that ego offers, ask the Lord to reveal them to you.  Prepare your mind and heart by being open to the Voice for God.  Ask Him to remove all obstacles that would obscure His Love that is yours and that is you.  Tell yourself, and keep telling yourself throughout the day, that you are no longer content with the counterfeit for love.  The meditations and the God-given thoughts we hold in our minds between them break the trance that the ego has upon our minds.  Practice today as often as you can.  If you are unable to tolerate more than one or two practices, let this suffice without judgement.  Jesus assures us that every effort we give toward liberation from ego is rewarded.  So be rewarded today!  God bless and keep you now and always. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 117. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 210.