Lesson 124 Let Me Remember I Am One With God

Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

LESSON 124 Let Me Remember I am One With God.

  1. Today we will again give thanks for our identity in God. Our home is safe, protection guaranteed in all we do, power and strength available to us in all our undertakings. We can fail in nothing. Everything we touch takes on a shining light that blesses and that heals. At one with God and with the universe, we go our way rejoicing, with the thought that God Himself goes everywhere with us.
  2. How holy are our minds! And everything we see reflects the holiness within the mind at one with God and with itself. How easily do errors disappear, and death gives place to everlasting life. Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our companion as we walk the world a little while.  And those who come to follow us will recognize the way because the light we carry stays behind, yet still remains with us as we walk on.
  3. What we receive is our eternal gift to those who follow after, and to those who went before or stayed with us a while. And God, who loves us with the equal love in which we were created, smiles on us, and offers us the happiness we gave.
  4. Today we will not doubt His Love for us, nor question His protection and His care. No meaningless anxieties can come between our faith and our awareness of His Presence. We are one with Him today in recognition and remembrance. We feel Him in our hearts. Our minds contain His Thoughts; our eyes behold His loveliness in all we look upon. Today we see only the loving and the lovable.
  5. We see it in appearances of pain and pain gives way to peace. We see it in the frantic, in the sad and the distressed, the lonely and afraid, who are restored to the tranquility and peace of mind in which they were created. And we see it in the dying and the dead as well, restoring them to life. All this we see because we saw it first within ourselves.
  6. No miracle can ever be denied to those who know that they are one with God. No thought of theirs but has the power to heal all forms of suffering in anyone, in times gone by and times as yet to come, as easily as in the ones who walk beside them now. Their thoughts are timeless, and apart from distance as apart from time.
  7. We join in this awareness as we say that we are one with God. For in these words we say as well that we are saved and healed; that we can save and heal accordingly. We have accepted, and we now would give. For we would keep the gifts our Father gave. Today we would experience ourselves at one with Him, so that the world may share our recognition of reality. In our experience the world is freed. As we deny our separation from our Father, it is healed along with us.
  8. Peace be to you today. Secure your peace by practicing awareness you are one with your Creator, as He is with you. Sometime today, whenever it seems best, devote half an hour to the thought that you are one with God. This is our first attempt at an extended period for which we give no rules nor special words to guide your meditation. We will trust God’s Voice to speak as He sees fit today, certain He will not fail. Abide with Him this half an hour, He will do the rest.
  9. Your benefit will not be less if you believe that nothing happens. You may not be ready to accept the gain today. Yet sometime, somewhere, it will come to you, nor will you fail to recognize it when it dawns with certainty upon your mind. This half an hour will be framed in gold, with every minute like a diamond set around the mirror that this exercise will offer you. And you will see Christ’s face upon it, in reflection of your own.
  10. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will see your own transfiguration in the glass this holy half an hour will hold out to you, to look upon yourself. When you are ready you will find it there, within your mind and waiting to be found. You will remember then the thought to which you gave this half an hour, thankfully aware no time was ever better spent.
  11. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will look into this glass, and understand the sinless light you see belongs to you; the loveliness you look on is your own. Count this half hour as your gift to God, in certainty that His return will be a sense of love you cannot understand, a joy too deep for you to comprehend, a sight too holy for the body’s eyes to see. And yet you can be sure someday, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will understand and comprehend and see.
  12. Add further jewels to the golden frame that holds the mirror offered you today, by hourly repeating to yourself: Let me remember I am one with God, at one with all my brothers and my Self in everlasting holiness and peace.[1]
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Lesson 124 Hourly Meditation

Notes and Personal Application: This morning during our second cup of coffee, we devoted our half hour to the lesson for today.  I recalled last year’s practice to Lover.  How it was during Lesson 124’s meditations that I began to understand what Jesus is telling us to do in this lesson.  We remember our identity in Him!  In other words we thankfully recognize that we are spirit and not flesh.  In spirit we are safe; in flesh even the times we experience a sense of safety, we are troubled by trepidation.  In flesh we yearn for assurances, insurances, and believe there is strength in numbers, in the multitude, in the power of popularity and majority.  In oneness with God, in single-minded devotion to Christ, we have no need for joining with egos and forming special relationships based on survival, tribes, clans, and alliances.  It is no longer us against them. We lose our faith in the systems of the world and place our faith solely in God.  We drop our need to prove ourselves, to seek recognition, to promote, to collect, to compare and contrast ourselves with others.  We have no need to use our oneness with God as a weapon or a threat against anybody for any reason.  We are not martyrs or cheerleaders for God, standing in the byways defending our fortresses, attacking our persecutors – we are one with Him in Christ.  We have no need to be special, to stand out, to be favored or set above – in Oneness, we receive all, we give all, we are all.   

In spirit, nothing in the flesh can tempt us from knowing who and what we really are.  We can relax.  We can rest.  The salvation of the world is guaranteed.  It is our pleasure to do the Will of God.  We go where He calls us to go and do what He calls us to do.  Our happiness and joy is our gauge of doing His Will, performing our function.  When troubles come, we put ourselves in the loving, devoted hands of our Father and trust in Him.  He promises to help us, to teach us, to send us a lifeline before we drown in the fleshpots of the world.   

In the world of bodies, ego, and time – we fail.  In God, it is impossible to do anything but go from glory to glory.  In His wholeness, in His oneness is where we abide and find our real and authentic Selves.  In today’s devotional discussion I confessed to Lover how difficult it is for me to say I am holy.  I know all too well how unholy my ego is; how mean my beastly nature, how feeble my resistance to drives of the flesh.  And yet in the spirit, in being one with God, we take on all the attributes of God.  If God is holy, then we are holy.  If God is love, we are love.  If God is joy and peace, we are joy and peace.  Accept the gifts of God, Jesus calls to us.  Claim them as our own and forget the gifts that we made in their place.  In other words, when we are one with God, we can forgive our egos, we forgive the symbols of the ego which is all that is physically manifest in the world, we forgive all the good and the bad, the black and the white, the male and the female, the yin and the yang.  We forgive the whole story – the history and the herstory.  We forgive time for its tolls and sacrifices and unrelenting passages.  We forgive our religions, our institutions, our attempts to do it our way.  When we forgive, it all fades away into nothingness, into the past, into forgetfulness.  We do not need it anymore.  We learned our lessons in separation.  We accept ourselves as Spirit and in the spirit of that acceptance, we remember our oneness with God.  This is where we find our holiness.    

Today Jesus tells us that the Voice for God is working with Him to go for an extended period of time in which no rules or special meditations guide us.  We learn today to trust in Holy Spirit to speak to our minds and hearts directly.  All we have do is give Him the time to speak to us, to clear the altar of our minds where we have placed our own gifts.  We remove the gifts that our ego has placed on God’s altar:  Our desires for wealth, and fame, and appreciation.  Our incessant need for approval, connection, attention, and affection.  We lay aside the calls of the ego that would contrast and compare ourselves with others, keeping up appearances, looking to the world and its systems for our help, answering the calls for the world’s approval instead of focusing on that which pleases God.  We lay it all aside.  We bring our worries and our cares to Holy Spirit and leave them.  We keep God’s altar clear to receive His gifts. 

Jesus promises that these meditations will transfigure us.  On the outside we will look the same.  But on the inside, God will show us who and what we are in Him.  We will recognize our sinlessness, the loveliness, the light that shines from us.  When we give this half hour to God, He gives us a sense of love and joy and holiness that is beyond description and our finite understanding.  And yet we will understand.  We will comprehend.  We will see. 

Today our hourly meditation is: Let me remember I am one with God, at one with all my brothers and my Self, in everlasting holiness and peace.  Let these words be emblazoned upon our minds and in our hearts.  Remember this.  Put these words around your wrist on a paper bracelet as Teacher Laurie was led to do!  Wear the words around your neck, hold them to your heart, whisper them to all you may encounter.  These words lead to our Salvation, to our Spirit, to our real Life in Christ. 

God bless, teach, and guide you in your return to Him. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 124 Let me remember…Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). pp. 222-224.

Lesson 124 and Lesson 124 Hourly Meditation read by EF for eckiefriar.com.

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