Review IV Introduction

Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

REVIEW IV Introduction

  1. Now we review again, this time aware we are preparing for the second part of learning how the truth can be applied. Today we will begin to concentrate on readiness for what will follow next. Such is our aim for this review, and for the lessons following. Thus, we review the recent lessons and their central thoughts in such a way as will facilitate the readiness that we would now achieve.
  2. There is a central theme that unifies each step in the review we undertake, which can be simply stated in these words: My mind holds only what I think with God. That is a fact and represents the truth of what you are and what your Father is. It is this thought by which the Father gave creation to the Son, establishing the Son as co-creator with Himself. It is this thought that fully guarantees Salvation to the Son. For in his mind no thoughts can dwell but those his Father shares. Lack of forgiveness blocks this thought from his awareness. Yet it is forever true.
  3. Let us begin our preparation with some understanding of the many forms in which the lack of true forgiveness may be carefully concealed. Because they are illusions, they are not perceived to be what they are – defenses that protect your unforgiving thoughts from being seen and recognized. Their purpose is to show you something else and hold correction off to self-deceptions made to take its place.
  4. And yet your mind holds only what you think with God. Your self-deceptions cannot take the place of truth. No more than can a child who throws a stick into the ocean change the coming and going of the tides, the warming of the water by the sun, the silver of the moon on it by night. So do we start each practice in this review with readying our minds to understand the lessons that we read and see the meaning that they offer us.
  5. Begin each day with time devoted to the preparation of your mind to learn what each idea you will review that day can offer you in freedom and in peace. Open your mind, and clear it of all thoughts that would deceive, and let this thought alone engage it fully, and remove the rest: My mind holds only what I think with God.  Five minutes with this thought will be enough to set the day along the lines which God appointed, and to place His mind in charge of all the thoughts you will receive that day.
  6. They will not come from you alone, for they will all be shared with Him. And so each one will bring the message of His love to you, returning messages of yours to Him. So will communion with the Lord of Hosts be yours, as He Himself has willed it to be. And as His own completion joins with Him, so will He join with you who are complete as you unite with Him, and He with you.
  7. After your preparation, merely read each of the two ideas assigned to you to be reviewed that day.  Then close your eyes and say them slowly to yourself. There is no hurry now, for you are using time for its intended purpose. Let each word shine with the meaning God has given it, as it was given to you through His Voice. Let each idea which you review that day give you the gift that He has laid in it for you to have of Him. And we will use no format for our practicing but this:
  8. Each hour of the day bring your mind the thought with which the day began and spend a quiet moment with it. Then repeat the two ideas you practice for the day unhurriedly, with time enough to see the gifts that they contain for you and let them be received where they were meant to be.
  9. We add no other thoughts but let these be the messages they are. We need no more than this to give us happiness and rest, and endless quiet, perfect certainty, and all our Father wills that we receive as the inheritance we have of Him. Each day of practicing, as we review, we close as we began, repeating first the thought that made the day a special time of blessing and of happiness for us; and through our faithfulness restored the world from darkness to the light, from grief to joy, from pain to peace, from sin to holiness.
  10. God offers thanks to you who practiced thus the keeping of His Word. And as you give your mind to the ideas for the day again before you sleep, His gratitude surrounds you in the peace were in He wills you be forever and are learning now to claim again as your inheritance.1
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Notes and Personal ApplicationLet our hearts be thankful for the instruction for our spiritual enrichment we gain from reviewing lessons 121-140.  For today and the next nine days, we will set hourly reminders to take a few moments to let the concepts of each lesson idea once again rest upon our minds, refreshing it and loosing it ever so gently from the illusions of the world. Let this time be a time of gratitude and quietness.  We will not argue with the lesson ideas, no matter how far from reality they seem to be.  We will let each one speak for itself.  Only truth is true.  If it is not true, our Father, who honors our seeking, will protect our minds from that which would lead us astray. 

As we devote ourselves to the instructions for our review, we plan our day with God.  We let the plans and unfolding of the world for our designated times go for these moments.  Physically, we remain in the world.  We do not have to leave our cells, homes, jobs, responsibilities, relationships, our pleasures, or our sorrows.  For these few minutes we set our minds free.  We do it with diligence, discipline, and devotion.  We are like monks in the world, except our monastery is that quiet call within that reverberates as a gong reminding us of God’s Kingdom. 

Begin each day with at least five minutes refreshing our minds with each concept, let our minds rest in the freedom and peace that each idea offers to us.  This is God’s Will for us, and here we are given an opportunity to experience what lies beyond this world, has always been and ever will be, never fades away, disappoints, dies, or brings us anything but that which we strive and connive for our entire lives here in the body realm.  As we open our minds, we let go of thoughts about what we are going to eat, what we are going to wear, where we will have to go, and what we must do for the day, all the thoughts that seem so important to our happiness and survival, all thoughts that deceive us into thinking that this world has any bearing upon our souls.  Instead, we take this thought to fill our minds:  My mind holds only what I think with God.

For the first five minutes of our days, we think this thought, we pray this prayer that will set the day along the lines which God appoints.  This is how we place His Mind in charge of all the thoughts we will receive.  If troubling thoughts come our way, if harrowing circumstances seem to befall, we immediately give our minds over only to God and His Peace and His Joy. 

It is in this state that we review the two lesson ideas assigned for each day.  We repeat them slowly to ourselves with closed eyes – there is no hurry – this is the best use of time we can offer.  Our lesson says that it is for this reason that time even exists, so that we can return to God.  Let each word shine – these words are from God and are given to us through the Voice for God, Holy Spirit.  There are gifts in which each idea offers to us if we recognize and accept them as such. 

As many hours of the day we possibly can, we will remind ourselves of the thoughts we began the day with and spend a quiet moment with it.  Maybe we can write them on a slip of paper, repeat them in a voice memo, or best yet engrave them upon our minds – but no matter how much or how little we review the two ideas, there is no anxiety, no hurry, no obligation or spite attached to our learning.  These are gifts that contain freedom, peace, and joy, the certainty of God, the unreality of the world, and we can experience these gifts as little or as much as we feel able.  We let them be received by remembering them, by reviewing them, by letting our minds rest upon the truth they offer to us.   

Let these messages be whatever they are to us.  Let them bring happiness and rest, endless serenity, perfect certainty, our inheritance that we have in our Father, our God, our Creator.  If we encounter resistance, a stumbling block to our understanding, a feeling of anger, irritation, or unbelief, determine to choose a light-hearted, experimental, playful approach.  Lies are lies and truth is true – we are only on this path because something or someone called to us.  There are no whippings asked of us.  There are no pleadings for your hard-earned cash to support a ministry or to lay down your life, donate your blood, or sacrifice your animals.  We would not have come this far, if something were not ringing true to our hearts, assuring us of a path that leads to remembering who and what we really are! 

End each day as closely as possible to the way we began – in five minutes of meditation, repeating the lesson concepts, and recognizing how each idea made the day one of learning, blessing, and growth for us.  Our faithfulness to our holy practices restores the world, brings it from darkness to light, from grief to joy, from pain to peace, from sin to holiness as one by one our minds are saved from the dark illusions of sin, death, and decay. 

God thanks us for applying the keeping of His Word.  His gratitude surrounds us in the peace wherein He wills us be forever.  He thanks us now for consciously learning how to claim again our inheritance in Him through oneness with Christ, our Savior, Holy Brother, and Friend.  It fills His heart with happiness and joy as He sees us awakening from our nightmare of separation and devoting our time to remembering our rightful place in His Kingdom.  Imagine His joy and his happiness as we return to Him, willingly, happily, grateful to Him and all of Creation – so relieved that the unholy world we made in time was only a dream! 

1 A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Review IV Introduction, Kindle Edition.

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