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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Lesson 144 My Mind Holds Only What I Think With God.

(127) There is no love but God’s.

(128) The world I see holds nothing that I want.1

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Notes and Personal Application: This morning we spend five minutes reflecting upon the ongoing theme of Review Four: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” When this concept becomes clear to our understanding we begin to get a glimmer of what the whole intention of A Course in Miracles is all about – there is God who is Everything, and there is nothing which is not everything.  When we say we are afraid of nothing, we should mean that we are sincerely afraid of that which is not God!  For that which is not God, is the nothingness of time where we cannot even begin a sentence and complete it without it disappearing into the past. 

It is not a matter of willpower then to hold thoughts with God in our mind – it is simply a matter of recognizing all other thoughts are only meaningful in time and that they all end up as nothing in the end.  There is a certainty and a freedom that comes with realizing that while it feels like a choice for God, in reality there is no choice to be made, it is simply a matter of how much time it will take for our minds to realize that God is the One and Only and we are one with Him. 

We see how this serves as a framework for our two lesson ideas.  When we grasp our oneness with God, we experience the truth of “There is no love but God’s.”  The attachments that we have in this world are the closest we get to experiencing love, but Jesus tells us that nothing that can turn to vengeance, to spite, to hate, suspiciousness, jealousy or possessiveness is love.  All of us know how very possessive we are toward those we love in the flesh.  We want them to all to ourselves.  In time we are limited by our separation – when my friend runs off to the other side of the world and meets new friends, I am left behind and cannot help but feel abandoned.  When our mates lick their chops over someone else, we feel jealousy like stabs to our heart.  When our little ones start to grow up and do not want to spend as much time with us, we are bewildered and feel a bit lost and may grow petty and possessive and put unnatural demands upon them.  We say we love this one and that one but say mean things behind their backs and judge and condemn and get jealous when things turn out better for them than they do for us.  We have experienced our own capricious natures – how we can be so in love one day and fall for someone completely different the next.  We can always find reasons to love and reasons not to love – it feels like a choice.  But there is no love, but God’s and God’s love is not fickle.  His love does not change, falter, dim, and betray.  It is certain, it is constant, it is forever.  We can bank on it.  It does not die, it does not cheat, it does not demand, or manipulate.  God’s Love is the only love – if we do not have forever love, we do not have love – we have something else that we may call love, but it is a counterfeit, a stand-in, an imitation.  The world would have us believe that love is a bitch, a torment, and sorrow, but the world knows nothing of love. 

Once we understand that there is no love but God’s, we stop trying to find it in the world.  We no longer have to bark up the wrong tree!  We are free.  We forgive the world and everyone in it for not loving us the way in which we craved to be loved.  We can forgive ourselves for not loving others the ways in which they demanded they be loved from us.  We can absolve everyone and everything for failing, because the world and everyone in it is only here to teach us who and what we really are.  As we review lesson idea number 128, “The world I see holds nothing that I want,” we know what it means!  We know that it is true!  We know that no matter what we gain in the world, it ends, it comes to naught, it lasts for a fleeting moment and then is gone.  All we want is God’s Love, God’s certainty, for we are one with Him. 

Reflect upon these ideas often today, memorize them, recite them.  Ask Holy Spirit to make them real to your mind and heart, open your spiritual eyes to see the lessons that He will use to illustrate the truth of your salvation, your unity with God, your Sonship.  Our minds belong to Him and only Him.  There is no love but His.  The world does not compare!   

1 A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 144. Kindle Edition.

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