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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Review IV

Lesson 145 My Mind Holds Only What I Think With God.

(129) Beyond this world is a world I want.

(130) It is impossible to see two worlds.[1]

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Notes and Personal Application: Each day in Review Four, as we focus upon the main theme of “my mind holds only what I think with God,” our eyes are opened to the reality of God’s Kingdom, our everlasting home.  In the world, our brains are constantly firing off random and not so random thoughts – calling for us to do this and to do that, to come here and go there, to chase this cause or trash that one, to love him or to hate her.  This continues while we sleep – our evolved brain manufactures dreams that we cannot help but ponder.  Are their hidden messages, signs and omens of unforeseen events or happenings in our nighttime fables? 

Our personal concerns and cares loom large in our brains; we chew our nails and gnash our teeth with worry and fret; and then they pass, and our brains go on to gnaw upon fresh cartilage.  But our minds!  A completely different story.  Time cannot steal the thoughts we think with God.  The thoughts we think with God are forever.  And so it is with this understanding, this keen awakening to its truth, that we begin to remember the real world.

Beyond this world, is the world we yearn for and long for, the world we really want.  Here we have an upside down, twisted version of that one.  Here we have the polluted nightmare – the fear of God, and not the love of God.  Here we have the special relationships, which the world substitutes for holy relationships.  Here we learn in bits and parts and scattered, disconnected pieces; there we learn holistically because everything and everyone are unified.  Here we chase after that which will never satisfy; there we have no need to pursue, strive, or stress ourselves over what we have freely, abundantly, and forever.  You get the picture.  This is the world we want.  This world is the tormented reflection of the world that lies beyond.  Throughout the day, we are to remind ourselves that the world beyond this one holds everything we want.  To want anything in this world is to doom ourselves to constant repair, regret, and dissatisfaction; to merely want the world beyond this one sets our feet upon the right path and heals our minds in the here and now. 

And then we learn that we cannot see two worlds.  We are either totally bamboozled with this one, or we see it for what it is – a sham, a perversion, a matrix of opposites.  We either continue to seek for that which cannot be found here in this world, or we seek for the happiness which can only be found in the world beyond.  We identify ourselves and others through egos, personality, and bodies or we identify through our brotherhood in Christ, our Sonship with God, our everlasting spirits.  We judge ourselves and others by the past, or we set each other free in the present moment as we recognize our wholeness, our holiness.  We cannot have it both ways.  We either awaken in the nightmare and bring it to truth, or we continue to dream the dark dreams of death, seeking for truth where it cannot be found.

Giving our minds to thoughts of God and with God only seems unnatural in time.  While in this world we need to set times for devotion, for times of quiet and contemplation, for times of remembering and refreshing our minds – in the world beyond we are one with God.  We are plugged in, so to speak, to our Source at all times.  Nobody has to remind us; no temptations would come to knock us off our paths or steal the truth and twist it to alarm and stress us.  As we awaken in this world, do not let the calls for five minutes in the morning and in the evening distress us, do not let the calls for hourly reminders of our lesson review ideas weigh upon us.  Ask God to help us learn to stay as one with Him throughout the day.  The quiet Voice for God is within us, is one with us.  As we begin to practice quietness, we will realize how full our minds are of thoughts with God.  It becomes then, unnatural, and shocking even, to imagine ever wanting any other world then the one beyond the one in which we dream. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 145…Kindle Edition.

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