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Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Review IV

Lesson 146 My Mind Holds Only What I Think With God.

(131) No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

(132)  I loose the world from all I thought it was.[1]

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Notes and Personal ApplicationToday during our ACIM meeting, I shared how much the theme of Review IV means to me.  One of the most difficult struggles that I have had throughout my life is holding loving and trusting thoughts in my mind.  I always felt as if I were not a good enough person to be a Christian because no matter how hard I tried I could not control the thoughts that were in my mind.  They seemed to just pop into my head and many times out of my mouth before I even had a chance to process them.  Thoughts seemed to be my responsibility even though they seemed to be coming from everywhere.  But the onus for thoughts are not ours, Jesus informs us.  Thoughts are from one of two sources – the thoughts of the ego which are not true thought but only random and chaotic distractions to keep us from the truth, or the thoughts of God which are the truth.  Our mind holds only what we think with God.  Everything else fades in time.  I have no reason to be ashamed of them, to take responsibility for them, to try to change them.  They are not mine!

Knowing that they are not mine, that there is no reason to act upon them, knowing that they are not true or real or hold any promise at all, sets me free.  I am free to forgive, I am free to hold thoughts of God, I am free to be creative and to fulfill my God-given function. 

My God-given function here in time is to seek the truth.  And today’s lesson review assures us that no one who seeks the truth can fail.  We can not fail.  This means that every path, even those which seem to lead us astray, always ends in truth.  We tend to judge ourselves and others by our process, but the process is only the means, and not the end.  The end for all of our seeking is truth.  We cannot fail.

The second review idea has proved to be the biggest illusion-buster of all.  When we loose the world from all we thought it was, we are free of it.  The world’s battles are not our battles.  The world’s worries are not our worries.  The world with all its calls and causes, its chaos and consternations, its proposals and plans is recognized for the shadowlands it is, and we let it go. It was not what we thought it was.  We thought we could find happiness, meaning, love, certainty, and security, but the world cannot give what it was meant to take away.  We see it for what it is, a death trap, a network of lies, centuries of war, purges, plunder, rape, and despair.  We loose it.  We forgive it.  We get over it.  No more whining and complaining about it.  No more thinking others have got a better deal than us, no more demanding our rights or clamoring for justice.  We no longer seek for what will never be found here.  When we loose the world, we are free! 

Today we ask Holy Spirit within to inform us, to make these concepts real to us, to bring them to life.  We let them light our path and bring peace to our hearts.  We repeat them often and memorize their truth.  We share these concepts only with those who desire to hear them for they are precious and of great value and not to be broadcast indiscriminately or given to those who are not prepared.  Our mind holds only what we think with God.  With certainty we reach for truth as we loose the world from what we thought it was. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 146. Kindle Edition.

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