Lesson 150 My Mind Holds Only What I Think With God

Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Review IV

Lesson 150 My Mind Holds Only What I Think With God.

(139)  I will accept Atonement for myself.

(140)  Only Salvation can be said to cure.1

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Notes and Personal Application: Today is our last day in Review IV.  We spend five minutes in the morning and evening contemplating the theme of our review – My holds only what I think with God.  The thoughts we think in the world that revolve around survival, pleasures, avoiding pain, and planning our defenses against all of the world’s woes are only temporary.  We must think them in time, but now that we have made the decision for Heaven, we know that these thoughts are not our own.  They are thoughts generated by a world separated from God, from truth, from reality.  We do not need them where we are going.  We do not want them.  We are willing to loose them.  While we are in time, we may enjoy our food, our clothes, our means of transportation.  We may like our hobbies, excel at our jobs, enjoy the companionship of our mates and children and friends, but we no longer cherish the thoughts of the world; we cherish only the thoughts of God.

In lesson review 139, we tell our minds firmly and with certainty that we accept Atonement for ourselves.  We have made the decision for Heaven.  We no longer accept the world’s version of ourselves.  No matter how much we love our bodies, we know that we are not our bodies!  We know that we are not our occupations.  We know that we are far more than what we have in the bank, or how much we do for our families or communities.  We no longer question who we are!  We have accepted the Atonement for ourselves and we know who we are – we are God’s perfect Son, part of the Brotherhood of Christ, the Sonship of God.  Atonement is the remedy for any question about our identity.  We have no concerns about our ancestry, evolution vs. creation, or our DNA.  We are not made of flesh and blood.  We are born of God, we are the Mind of Christ, everlasting spirits dedicated to the cause of unity. 

Atonement clear our minds of all the cobwebs the world weaves around our identity and gives us the certainty of God.  Atonement exposes the world’s mockery and spite it would use to keep us from knowing who and what we are.  As we accept the Atonement of Christ, we become one with Christ.  It is our salvation.  And salvation is the cure for all that ails the world.

When we are saved, we are cured.  Our minds no longer accept the world’s label of what and who we are.  We are whole, we are holy, we are free of condemnation, of sin, of guilt and shame.  God abides in us and where God abides sin and sickness cannot be. 

It is this thought that cures us – it makes no distinctions.  It is not magic – it does not involve spells, potions, or sacrifices.  It does not call upon a special someone to perform a costly operation or exorcism or provide a miracle.  It is simply truth applied.  We listen for the Voice for God, the Voice for healing, the Voice for sanity.  There is nothing else can heal except this quiet Voice for God.  When we quiet our minds and still our bodies, we listen.  We clear our inner altars of all the chatter, the demands, the chores that pile up and clamor for our attention.  We stop all interfering thoughts as one and lay them aside.  We come to Him now with nothing to offer him except our quiet hearts and open minds. 

We say with the earnestness of an unblemished child, “Only salvation can be said to cure.  Speak to us, Father, that we may be healed.”  For all of our mental anguish, stress, and sorrow we say this prayer.  For all of our aches and pains that strain and weary our earthly domains, we pray these words. 

Jesus says that as we pray this prayer, our salvation covers us softly, protecting us with a peace so deep the world can no longer deceive us or tempt us to believe in its dreams.  Give it a go.  As we get past our skepticism, our irrational affection for pain and suffering, we call upon our Father, believing in our salvation to not only save our souls but keep our earthly bodies functioning in health and wellness.  His Will is our happiness, here in this dream and in the world beyond.  When we know this, we can accept it as gratefully and as expectantly as a most treasured child, His beloved Son. 

1A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 150. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 277.

Audio credit: http://www.eckiefriar.com

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