Part 1 Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Lesson 162 I am as God Created Me

  1. This single thought, held firmly in the mind, would save the world.  From time to time we will repeat it, as we reach another stage in learning.  It will mean far more to you as you advance.  These words are sacred, for they are the words God gave in answer to the world you made.  By them it disappears, and all things seen within its misty clouds and vaporous illusions vanish as these words are spoken.  For they come from God.
  2. Here is the Word by which the Son became His Father’s happiness, His Love, and His completion.  Here creation is proclaimed and honored as it is.  There is no dream these words will not dispel; no thought of sin and no illusion which the dream contains that will not fade away before their might.  They are the trumpet of awakening that sounds around the world.  The dead awake in answer to its call.  And those who live and hear this sound will never look on death.
  3. Holy indeed is he who makes these words his own, arising with them in his mind, recalling them throughout the day, at night bringing them with him as he goes to sleep.  His dreams are happy and his rest secure, his safety certain and his body healed, because he sleeps and wakens with the truth before him always.  He will save the world, because he gives the world what he receives each time he practices the words of truth.
  4. Today we practice simply.  For the words we use are mighty, and they need no thoughts beyond themselves to change the mind of him who uses them.  So wholly is it changed that it is now the treasury in which God places all His gifts and all His Love, to be distributed to all the world, increased in giving; kept complete because its sharing is unlimited.  And thus you learn to think with God.  Christ’s vision has restored your sight by salvaging your mind.
  5. We honor you today.  Yours is the right to perfect holiness you now accept.  With this acceptance is salvation brought to everyone, for who could cherish sin when holiness like this has blessed the world?  Who could despair when perfect joy is yours, available to all as remedy for grief and misery, all sense of loss, and for complete escape from sin and guilt?
  6. And who would not be brother to you now; you, his redeemer, and his savior.  Who could fail to welcome you into his heart and with loving invitation, eager to unite with one like him in holiness?  You are as God created you.  These words dispel the night, and darkness is no more.  The light is come today to bless the world.  For you have recognized the Son of God, and in that recognition is the world’s.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application:  When we remind our minds that we are as God created us, the ugliness and filth that defined us, that kept us awake at night, that hindered our walks with God and kept us from giving our all are washed away from our perceptions.  We no longer believe the lies, the delusion, the dream.  We recognize the truth of the matter.  God is God and it is only His Kingdom that could possibly be real; this stretch of time is merely a dream of separation – a nightmare of creation turned against itself, taken from its source, founded upon that which is not love, and therefore not real.  We no longer invest in flesh and blood; in darkness and decay; in unstable systems based upon falsity, frailty, and futility.  We are free of the world’s perception of humanity; we are pure and holy, beautiful and beneficent, everlasting and invulnerable.  We are as God created us.

Today remind yourself often, “I am as God created me.”  Throughout the day, see the world for what it is – an illusion that passes from moment to moment, a death trap, an enchantment, a trance, a stupor.  Do not be afraid.  As we open our eyes to the truth, we begin to see the real world beyond this one. We begin to catch glimmers of a world where love and peace and joy are the givens; where there is no fear, no need for defenses, no ugly battle scars, no demented minds, no battlefields lay waste the landscape.  As we say to ourselves, “I am as God created me,” the reality of our true identity in Christ begins to appear.  We are only too willing to lay the trinkets and gaieties of this world aside, to see how cheap and tarnished are the trappings of the world which would stand in place of the grandeur and magnificence of our reality.  When we remind ourselves, “I am as God created me,” we can put down our signs and placards, we can walk away from our futile attempts to bring peace to chaos, joy to sorrow, light to darkness.  Our minds begin to understand who and what we really are, and we can no longer invest in that which would blemish our beauty, steal our joy, or dim the light that leads our way.  We no longer fight meaningless battles with ghosts from the past; we live in the holy instant where all is everlasting and pure. 

This is the state of mind in which the world is saved.  When our minds are full of the love begot of our creation, we see nothing but love in others.  We step away from the stranger, the ego, the shadow self of fear and hostility, and into our truth.  We are as God created us. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 162. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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