Part Two: What Is The World?

Lesson 241 This Holy Instant is Salvation Come.

  1. What joy there is today!  It is a time of special celebration.  For today holds out the instant to the darkened world where its release is set.  The day has come when sorrows pass away, and pain is gone.  The glory of salvation dawns today upon a world set free.  This is the time of hope for countless millions.  They will be united now, as you forgive them all.  For I will be forgiven by you today. 
  2. We have forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to You again.  Father, Your Son, who never left, returns to Heaven and his home.  How glad are we to have our sanity restored to us, and to remember that we all are one.[1]
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Today’s Meditation

When we forgive the world, we are forgiving Christ, for all of us belong to Him and are one with Him.  Jesus tells us today that all sorrows are washed away, and pain and suffering are gone for good as we forgive one another and come at last to God.  All the splintered, separated, shards of Creation who had thought to build a kingdom on a lie have given up the foolish dream and surrendered to the simple, everlasting Truth of God.  The Sons of God who chose to become the sons of man stand together now.  War is no more.  We put down our weapons which attacked the Sonship and we take up the glory of salvation, that which sets us free, the forgiveness that Christ came to teach and to ask of us. 

No longer do we blame one another for the problems in the world.  No longer do we attack, build defenses, or devise weapons of mass destruction.  We do not build walls or fortresses; we do not send our sons and our daughters off to the armed services.  We have no worries about safety, security, or the wrath of God.  In forgiveness we come to our Father again, united, forgiven and forgiving, we come Home.  The insane calls of the lost world no longer hold any attraction to us.  No longer do we wade in the conflicted sea.  No longer do our feet falter.  No longer can the waves and the storms fill us with fear.  We are one with Christ who came to give life to all who were doomed to die. 

Today we stand with Christ.  We shake off the floppy, dicey, mischances of our egos.  We ignore the calls to take up arms, to put our trust in feeble defenses, to kill, to maim, to terrorize.  We stand with Christ.  We trust in God.  Our sanity is restored to us.  We are One in Him. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 241. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, (1992).

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