Lesson 222 God is with me.  I live and move in Him.

  1. God is with me.  He is my Source of life, the life within, the air I breathe, the food by which I am sustained, the water which renews and cleanses me.  He is my home, wherein I live and move; the Spirit Which directs my actions, offers me Its Thoughts, and guarantees my safety from all pain.  He covers me with kindness and care, and holds in love the Son He shines upon, who also shines on Him.  How still is he who knows the truth of what He speaks today!
  2. Father, we have no words except Your Name upon our lips and in our minds, as we come quietly into Your Presence now, and ask to rest with You in peace a while.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application: When we begin to perceive our world through the eyes of Christ, we realize that God is with us, that we live and enjoy our being in Him.  No longer are we concerned about the things that the world is concerned about – our water, our air, our food, our home, our thoughts and attitudes – everything that we thought was separate from God, has now become one with Him. 

Now that we are in Part II of our Course lessons for this year, we come in quietness and stillness to our lessons.  We clear the inner altar of our minds of all that would distract us, and we invite our Father to visit with us.  We call to Him.  We read our lesson in this quietness.  We linger over the words and let the meaning of the sentences sit upon the still water of our mind.  We sit in the stillness without words and immerse ourselves in the presence of God, knowing that He is Everything.

Do not forget that our theme in section one of Part II of our lessons is “What is forgiveness?”  Forgiveness is simply sitting still and quietly doing nothing.  We do not seek out the guilty culprit.  We do not seek to punish or to take vengeance.  We let our human desire to give someone a good taste of their own medicine sit there in the quietness and stillness of God with us and melt away in the peace that comes with forgiveness.  It is a lovely and loving experience.  We remove ourselves from that which would hurt us, get us all worked up, turn us inside out with pain and remorse and wrench our guts with sorrow.  We let it go.  We look at it.  We wait upon the Lord.  We let heal that which never occurred in God’s Kingdom and only seemed to occur here in the serfdom of separation. 

When we know God; when we take the time to get to know God within us; when we live and move in Him, we are guaranteed all safety from pain. We are assured of everlasting kindness and care.  The Light of His Love shines upon us forever. 

Ask the Lord to open your mind to this teaching today.  Bring all your worries, cares, fears, and concerns to Him and ask Him to shine His truth upon them.  Sit still in His Presence and let His peace come to commune with you in the secret garden of your mind.  Ask Him to fill your mind with His fruits, give no thought, time, or energy to the weeds that would come in to crowd out His tender love, joy, and peace.  We can think of our devotional practice as entering that secret garden.  In that secret place where we abide with Him no evil can befall us, no plague can touch us, all weapons formed against us will simply melt away. 

In Part II’s introduction, Jesus tells us that we had a wish to go a separate way from God.  We made a God who was angry, vengeful, full of wrath and jealousy.  We made God out to be a deity who loved the smell of roasting flesh and desired sacrifices of blood.  We believed that our precious Father would burn us forever with the flames of hell for our sins, humiliate us, and felt loved only when we suffered.  We said that He played favorites, that He set creation against itself, that He would move heaven and earth to take his revenge upon us.  Then we taught ourselves and others that these insane ideas we held about Him were the truth. 

But now we know better because the memory of His Love shines upon our minds.  He has never forgotten us.  He has not forsaken us.  He abides in us.  He gives us life and love and laughter. 

Today let everything that disheartens us fall away as we remember God is with us.  We live and move in Him, in this world and in His.     

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 222.  Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 402.

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