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Lesson 223 God is my life.  I have no life but His.

  1. I was mistaken when I thought I lived apart from God, a separate entity that moved in isolation, unattached, and housed within a body.  Now I know my life is God’s.  I have no other home, and I do not exist apart from Him.  He has no Thoughts that are not part of me, and I have none but those which are of Him.
  2. Our Father let us see the face of Christ instead of our mistakes.  For we who are Your holy Son are sinless.  We would look upon our sinlessness, for guilt proclaims that we are not Your Son.  And we would not forget You longer.  We are lonely here, and long for Heaven, where we are at home.  Today we would return.  Our Names is Yours, and we acknowledge that we are Your Son.[1]

Notes and Personal Application: Today while I was filling my gas tank with fuel a beautiful little boy peeked around the other side of the gas pump, looked up into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back, and we did not stop.  Even after his father took him by the hand and led him into the convenience store, he twisted his head around and kept smiling at me.  It was a very precious encounter, innocent and pure, expressing friendly curiosity and warmth between a gray-haired grandmother and a little brown-eyed boy with a cute afro.  Yet I was well aware that we live in a world where suspicions and fears could have given his father a sense of alarm.  This is what we call life here in this realm – a place where little children must be warned against smiling at strangers, even harmless looking matronly types like me! 

But this is not our life, and this is not our home.  We live with God.  We do not live apart from Him in a world of misgivings, unfulfilled yearnings, and fear.  We live where we can smile openly and for as long as we want at all living things without worries and concerns.  Our minds are free of thoughts of sin.  We are innocent, tender, and pure without intentions of harm or worries of ill will.  Here the face of Christ takes the place of the mistakes we made toward each other.  Here we are one with Christ, and we stand with Him as God’s Son, whole and holy. 

Here on earth we long for our heavenly home where we belong.  There we are not separated from one another and uncertain of one another’s motives and secret intentions.  In God we hold no grudges or selfish conceits.  In God we have Everything – leaving our human form behind to embrace our beautiful Oneness in Christ, we have no concerns about poverty and disadvantage, race and culture, lust and perversion, limited resources and the struggle to survive.  Today in the quiet and still time we give to God, we return to this place.  We remind ourselves; we are not a body, we are free.  We are still as God created us.  God is our life.  We have no life but His. 

It is in this thought we linger – taking as much time as it takes to let this prayer, this meditation, this lesson take root in our minds and release us from our bondage to the ego and the external world.  When we begin to experience our life in God, our hearts are filled with joy and happiness.  We can smile upon all of Creation as all of Creation smiles upon us.

Let us keep our minds and hearts a place of warm welcome to today’s idea.  We do not have to earn God’s Love.  We are not unworthy of God’s love because of our sins, our laziness, our lack of commitment or drive.  We are made holy and whole simply by seeking Him, inviting Him to take our darkness and fill us with His Light. There is nothing we can do or fail to do that would earn God’s Love for us.  Our will and God’s Will have become one.  We are no longer lonely or full of despair.  He is our life!  We have no life but His. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 223. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).  p.403.

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