Lesson 237 Now Would I Be As God Created Me

  1. Today I will accept the truth about myself.  I will arise in glory and allow the light in me to shine upon the world throughout the day.  I bring the world the tidings of salvation, which I hear as God my Father speaks to me.  And I behold the world that Christ would have me see; aware it ends the bitter dream of death; aware it is my Father’s call to me.
  2. Christ is my eyes today and He the ears that listen to the Voice for God today.  Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Son and my true Self as well.  Amen.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application:   In the bitter dream of death, the “truth” about our humanity is what we hide from others – the lies we tell, the ways we devised to survive our childhoods – the bad habits we developed in order to get out of doing things we did not want to do or conversely the ways in which we manipulated the people and the environment to get to do the things we wanted to do.  That was the “truth” about us, and the world seems intent on exposing this awful truth about us.  Our egos are very fond and even addicted to uncovering the trashy elements of each others’ characters, personalities, and affairs both past and present.  Enquiring minds want to know – but what do enquiring minds really want to know?  How to save the world?  To know reality?  To know God as Father, Lord, and King?  How does knowing about the personal journeys of popular television stars, famous politicians, or other public figures inform us, help us to become more than mere avatars for a death-destined ego?

Jesus has such good news for us today.  Today, He urges, accept the truth about yourself.  Forget about the dark past, the hidden things that we have done that cause us to hang our head in shame and consternation.  Let the past and all its confusion, condemnation, and cacophony wash away and accept the truth about who we are in Him.  There we arise in glory – no longer willing to let thoughts of disgrace and dishonor obscure the light of Christ in us.  When God speaks to us we no longer run and hide ashamed of what we have done with His Creation, but we are drawn to Him, the sound of His Voice softens our hearts and floods our minds with the truth of His Love. 

When we accept Christ’s vision of the world, it is saved.  It is no longer a crowded, dirty, trashy planet full of lost and wretched creatures intent on chaos and wreaking havoc upon Creation.  As we become one with Christ, He becomes us.  We stand with Him in saving the world.  We step out of darkness and into light.  He is our truth, He is our reality, He is our identity.  It is only in Him that we recognize our true and everlasting Self.  In Christ, we put down our defenses and offences, we lay down our egos.  In Christ, we walk forever safe and secure, whole and holy and thus we end the bitter dream of death.   

Today commit your Self to the vision of Christ.  Read over Lesson 237, giving it all the time you need to allow the words of Jesus to saturate your consciousness and take root in your heart.  Come again to God today through our Lord and Savior, our Holy Brother and Guide.  Ask God to refresh your stand with Christ that your oneness with Him is alive in your awareness.  We find our truth, our identity, our Real and Everlasting Self in Christ.  We understand His holy mission; we see that He comes again through each one of us, calling to our hearts and minds to come Home, to rise up, to take on our true identity in Him. 

What we do in the world without Christ comes to naught. It is washed away in the sands of time as if it never were. What we do in Christ lasts forever.  Ask God to reveal this truth to you.  Meditate upon who and what you really are with Him compared to who and what you are without Him.         

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 237. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). 

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