Lesson 254 Let Every Voice But God’s Be Still In Me

  1. Father, today I would but hear Your Voice.  In deepest silence I would come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive Your Word.  I have no prayer but this:  I come to You to ask You for the truth.  And truth is but Your Will, which I would share with You today.
  2. Today we let no ego thoughts direct our words or actions.  When such thoughts occur, we quietly step back and look at them, and then we let them go.  We do not want what they would bring with them.  And so we do not choose to keep them.  They are silent now.  And in the stillness, hallowed by His Love, God speaks to us and tells us of our will, as we have chosen to remember Him.[1]

Notes and Personal Meditation

Here in the early dawn, the rooster is crowing, the darkness is lifting, I am sitting in my office reading over today’s lesson, quieting my heart and mind from every voice and every call upon it.  Last night I attended a Core 52 meeting at Linda’s house, and the theme of last night’s message was worry.  We learned how worrying and fretting over anything here on earth is telling God that our trust is not in Him.  In yesterday’s lesson we learned that as God’s Son we are to accept our role as ruler of the universe with Him with Whom we are one. Worrying and fretting is hardly a behavior or a characteristic of a ruler who is sure of his position or ability. 

Today we will let every voice but God’s be quiet within our minds.  All those things that seem to catch us up – the concerns we have about money, about our houses, our pantries, our status in the world – we will put aside.  We will remind ourselves who we are in Him.  We will calm our minds, quiet our tongues, and rule our minds with perfect peace and trust in Him and in our Self Who is one with Him. 

We will simply step away from that other self, the ego, who is not one with God.  We will observe its futile attempts to take back our holy minds.  We will recognize its ridiculous postures and defenses.  It will not be a hardship to let it go.  There will be no sense of sacrifice involved.  We will be happy to let it go.  For now we know what the thoughts of the ego bring with them. 

For the most part, we dread being around others who have allowed their minds, words, and actions to be directed by the ego.  We have learned to recognize the craving need for constant attention and adulation, the jealous, watchful, guard-dog scowls of insecurity, the repetitive, condemning rants, and meaningless blather as stemming from an unrestrained ego seeking to stunt our minds and distract us from God.

Last night in Core 52’s video presentation, Mark Moore referred to the negative spiral of not thinking with God.[2]   According to research from University College London, dwelling upon the worries and wrongs in our life is strongly corelated to unfriendly protein deposits forming in the brain, which is linked to mental illness, loss of intellect, and a higher risk of dementia.[3]

Today we ask God to show us our true will in Him.  We ask that our minds be free from the calls to remember past wrongs, engage in fruitless endeavors, to worry and fret.  In all ways we pay no attention and give no heed to the multitude of ego voices which would distract us from our path to Him. 

Dear Father, that our consciousness be only cognizant of You.  As we draw our minds’ full attention to only You, we recognize that our Will is one with Yours; our will is one with one another’s.  We want the Everything that is You.  We give up nothing to accept Everything.  You are our all in all.  We praise You Father for Your love and Your patience with us as we grasp the true understanding of salvation’s plan.  Our hearts are lifted in holy gratitude as we offer our humanity to You in faith believing in the promise of Your Love, Your Peace, Your Joy.  In the name of Jesus, with Whom we are one.  Amen. 

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Audio credit: the friar patch @ http://www.eckiefriar.com