Lesson 258 Let Me Remember My Goal is God

  1. All that is needful is to train our minds to overlook all little senseless aims and to remember that our goal is God.  His memory is hidden in our minds obscured but by our pointless little goals which offer nothing, and do not exist.  Shall we continue to allow God’s grace to shine in unawareness, while the toys and trinkets of the world are sought instead?  God is our only goal, our only Love.  We have no aim but to remember Him.
  2. Our goal is but to follow in the way that leads to You.  We have no goal but this.  What could we want but to remember You?  What could we seek but our Identity?[1]
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Notes and Personal Application In our humanity, we have all manner of goals that really make no sense at all when we realize who we are in Christ.  One of the thoughts that we explored yesterday in our study group was the fact the ministry of Christ did not instruct men how to be good, godly husbands or women how to be respectful, loving wives. In fact Christ made it perfectly clear that the whole question of marriage and what is lawful and what is not within the realm of this most special relationship has no meaning at all in the kingdom of God.  The things that concern us as earthlings have no room in our consciousness when we practice the mind of Christ. 

When our goal is centered on what concerns our humanity, our time, focus, and efforts will be used to get that new promotion, to find a mate which is better suited to us than the one we have now, to make sure our kids get into a good college, or we will needlessly stress ourselves and everyone close to us in order to distinguish ourselves in some way before we die.  We will often plot, scheme, cheat, borrow, or steal to get what we want.  We will distress ourselves and depress ourselves over the humiliating realization that no matter what we do, how much money we have, what car we drive, how big and glorious our mansions, how important our job – we can never have it all.  Something will always be missing.  We may be married to the perfect mate, but our little darlings for whom we work so hard to provide all the luxuries and extravagances that we never had as children turn out to be major disappointments.  We may do everything right – live in the right neighborhood, go to the right church, pay our taxes, contribute to the community, show up in all the right places only to be falsely accused of horrendous crimes and our friends, reputations, and livelihood ripped away for no reason.  Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, lightning – acts of the gods of this world – all seem to be in cahoots against those who would make anything in this world their goal.

When our goal is to find a path to God, we no longer concern ourselves with that which can only leave us empty, unfulfilled, and disappointed.  Jesus tells us in the gospel of Matthew to seek the kingdom of God first, not to worry or fret about material needs or things that would bring us worldly esteem or status.  This is not something that happens unless we make it happen.  We are to seek God’s Kingdom, to train our minds to want God more than we want love and romance, more than we want that new car, or that promotion, or that cruise around the world.  Jesus promises us that when we put first things first, all our material needs will be met.  When we devote ourselves to the Kingdom of God, all other things that would take up our time, our thoughts, our energy will fall into their proper perspective.  We will realize that all that shines is not gold.    

The prayer offered in today’s devotional reminds us that we can never know who and what we really are unless we rigorously keep our goal of seeking God at the forefront of our mind.  This means we need a curriculum to keep our faith and our commitment strong.  We need a program that keeps our minds focused, addresses our weakness and temptations, explains and expounds upon what we need to know to see the world for what it is and why we need to be saved from it!

Join with me today in committing yourself to seeking God.  Find a spiritual path that speaks to you both as an individual and as part of the oneness of God.  For me, I have found a deep and abiding love for Jesus as Savior within the pages of A Course in Miracles.  The Course has defined Christianity for me in a way that makes sense to me, that rings true in my heart and mind, that fills me with peace and love and joy.  Each day I strive to keep my focus on seeking God.

In seeking God, we can avoid all the senseless aims that the toys and trinkets of this world would dangle in front of our physical eyes, to gratify for only an instant our physical senses, and then leave us full of despair, loneliness, and shame.  In seeking God we learn to love God and not fear Him.  We learn to know ourselves as His Son as we become one in Christ.  Finding and following our individual and collective paths to God we raise the consciousness of the whole world.  The world as we know it is transformed through the eyes of Christ.  We stand with Him.  We are one with Him.  And the Lord’s Prayer becomes our prayer.  God’s Kingdom Come! God’s Will be done – on earth as it is in Heaven. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 258.  Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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