Lesson 260 Let Me Remember God Created Me


Lesson 260 Let Me Remember God Created Me

  1. Father, I did not make myself, although in my insanity, I thought I did.  Yet, as Your Thought, I have not left my Source, remaining part of Who created me.  Your Son, my Father, calls on You today.  Let me remember You created me.  Let me remember my Identity.  And let my sinlessness arise again before Christ’s vision, through which I would look upon my brothers and myself today. 
  2. Now is our Source remembered and Therein we find our true Identity at last.  Holy indeed are we, because our Source can know no sin.  And we who are His Sons are like each other, and alike to Him.[1]

Notes and Personal Application  Borrowing from last year’s post, I will once again write that I never believed in evolution.  I did not believe that we created ourselves.  Beyond my agnosticism, attempts at atheism, indignation and resentment at my plight as a human, trapped in a meaty, lusty, vulnerable body, accused of sin and destined to die, I remembered God.  I knew of His Love.  I remembered how appalled I was at the teachings of the church, the stories in the old testament, the ways in which preachers and teachers cherished the idea of God’s wrath, His vengeance, His playing favorites.   

What I have learned over this past year of studying the Course and completing and sharing each day’s lessons is that while I may not have believed in evolution, I did make a false sense in which to survive in this world.  This false sense, the ego me, posed as the real me.  I turned to it for protection, for power, for a sense of adventure, for a means in which to sink into and enjoy my humanity and forget my divinity.  Only when I began to see with the vision of Christ, did I notice the stark difference between the self I created and my real and holy Self that God created.  While the real and holy Self began to emerge and the ego self began to dissolve, I was the only one that could experience this happening.  The process feels like walking through the valley of the shadow of death mentioned in Psalms 23.  There is Holy Spirit guiding, protecting, walking with me, as I experience the death to the false self, while in the outer world there is Eckie pulling her weeds, planting her cabbages, making a sandwich, taking a shower, going to market, the same old girl doing her daily routine. 

When we remember our Source and begin to discover our true Identity, the false sense has to go in order to make room in our mind for our Real Self.  If we try to hold on to the false self, we will be trying to serve two masters, which is impossible.  We live then in a state of confusion.  For years, I had an on/off again approach to God.  I could not understand the plan of salvation.  I could not for the life of me understand why, if we were created beings, our tendency for wrongdoing was any fault of our own.  A car manufacturer takes responsibility for the mistakes made on the assembly line.  Our old Dodge Ram, our Jeep and even my little Mercedes coup has had manufacturer recalls correcting flaws in their construction.  My mind refused to believe in sin or the idea that God was out to punish us for a mistake that He made when He created us.  I tried to go to church, to read my bible, to pray to this God that the minister talked about each Sunday, but it all seemed a ploy, contrived, an attempt to pull together  a neat little theology, dignify it with meaningless rites and rituals, put a ribbon on it, call it salvation, and bestow it upon only those who were gullible enough to not question its validity and veracity.  In other words I experienced my spiritual process as a series of false starts and dashed hopes. I remember my sister scolding me for how often I changed my mind about my Christianity.  And I felt so ashamed of myself.  I felt so sorry for Jesus that He had such a wishy-washy, sometimes in and sometimes out of the fold, old mutton who kept wandering off on her own insisting that what was good for the rest of the sheep failed to hold her interest. 

And yet when the words of Christ came to me, to tell me that I was not lost, that I was not a special case, that in His eyes, I never left the fold, that I am not some stubborn old ewe who can’t buckle down with the rest of the old girls munching grass and filling my belly with small leafy greens.  I am His Son. I am His Creation.  I will only find myself in Him.  While I may find companionship, helpful tips, and earthly guidance in the religious institutions of the world, my salvation comes from accepting my true Identity, my oneness with Christ.  Here is where we cherish thoughts of sin no more.  It simply does not exist – it is erased from our consciousness and we are happy to see it go. 

We call on God today as His Son.  We let go of the false self and remember that God created us.  What God creates can only be wholesome, true, beautiful, and holy.  What God creates cannot be riddled with sin.  Today we join together from across the world and recognize the intelligence and logic of this thought.  God Who knows no sin creates no sin.  We are holy because He is holy.  We are as God created us.  Let not the lies of this world tempt us to believe we made ourselves separate and apart from Him Who is our Source. 

[1]A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 260. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

Audio credit: the friar patch @ http://www.eckiefriar.com

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