Lesson 262 Let Me Perceive No Differences Today

  1. Father, you have one Son. And it is he that I would look upon today. He is your one creation. Why should I perceive a thousand forms in what remains as one? Why should I give this one a thousand names, when only one suffices?  For your Son must bear Your Name, for You created him. Let me not see him as a stranger to his Father, nor as stranger to myself. For he is part of me and I of him, and we are part of You who are our source, eternally united in Your love, eternally the holy Son of God.
  2. We who are one would recognize this day the truth about ourselves. We would come home, and rest in unity. For there is peace, and nowhere else can peace be sought and found.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application In the prayer Jesus leads us offer today, we recognize the fact that we are one.  Today we will look upon each other and all of creation as a whole.  We will train our minds today and for a focused time each day after to no longer name the things we see with our physical eyes as being separate from us, as being apart from us.  We, all of Creation, are the one Son of God.  We stand with Christ and in our oneness with Christ we are one. 

In our devotional time today we practice this prayer.  We see ourselves, our brothers, all of Creation not as fallen, not as separate, not as having many names and different forms, but as being part of ourselves.  If we see our brother as beautiful, strong, good, and true, we will see ourselves as beautiful, strong, good, and true.  If we see our brother as unattractive, weak, evil, and dishonest, we will see ourselves as being in the same category.  Jesus is asking us not only to recognize this truth but practice only seeing one another as God created us. 

When we first start this practice, it seems as if we are trying to deceive ourselves in believing something that simply is not there.  However, the more time we give to God in our minds and hearts, the more that we make Christ the foundation of our lives, the more our oneness with Him becomes apparent to us.  Yes, on this level we experience ourselves as human.  Yes we all have many faults, weaknesses, perversions, and weird habits.  But we are not discussing our humanity here.  We are not referring to what our ego-eyes would have us perceive.  We are instead giving the ego-eyes to God and asking for the vision of Christ. 

When we practice the vision of Christ, even if it is only for a few minutes a day, we begin to see others as ourselves.  We develop a deep and abiding empathy.  We begin to understand God’s plan of salvation.  We begin to understand the concepts in the Course which ask us to see beyond this world of physicality and seek the Kingdom of God within each and every one of us. 

We look past the outward appearance of our brothers.  We do not judge someone as fat or skinny, black or white, old or young.  We do not judge others by the styles and trends they follow.  Rich or poor, conservative or liberal, male or female, we have absolutely no desire to stick our nose in or flap our gums about the private parts or the private matters of humanity.  It no longer matters to us which church others attend, or if they attend a church at all.  Religious dogma loses its hold upon our consciousness; traditions, rites, and rituals become meaningless as we move away from our humanity and accept our divinity in Christ.  Patriotism becomes love not only for our own beautiful country, but respect, love, and ardor for the whole. 

When we begin to know our true identity in Christ, we no longer care for the same things we cared about when we thought we were a body.  As we let loose our need to perceive differences, to judge and compare, to look at mistakes and call them sins, to condemn others for the very things we do ourselves, we experience a sense of joy, freedom, and peace.  There are times the world seems encased in a golden haze of purity and love as we no longer insist on labeling Creation as apart from ourselves or separate from God. 

Today, practice coming home to this truth and resting in oneness, in unity with God.  At home in unity with God is where we find what we really seek and what we really want – the peace that can be found no where in the realm of bodies, separateness, and idols. 

[1]A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 262. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

Audio credit: the friar patch @ http://www.eckiefriar.com