Lesson 265 Creation’s Gentleness Is All I See

  1. I have indeed misunderstood the world, because I laid my sins on it and saw them looking back at me.  How fierce they seemed!  And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind alone.  Today I see the world in the celestial gentleness with which creation shines.  There is no fear in it.  Let no appearance of my sins obscure the light of Heaven shining on the world.  What is reflected there is in God’s Mind.  The images I see reflect my thoughts.  Yet is my mind at one with God’s.  And so I can perceive creation’s gentleness.
  2. In quiet would I look upon the world, which but reflects Your Thoughts, and mine as well.  Let me remember that they are the same, and I will see creation’s gentleness.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application In our daily meditations, we quiet our minds and hearts and look upon the world which reflects the thoughts of God.  Jesus reminds us that we are like Him.  God’s Thoughts are our Thoughts.  When we remember that we are the same as God, we see humanity as a lie.  We see our lives as bodies as a sorry substitute.  We see the world of danger, deprivation, destruction, and death as the big fat zero it really is! 

God’s Creation is gentle, tender, good.  There is no deprivation, despair, destruction, and death.  In our quiet moments dedicated only to Thoughts of God, we no longer see the world made of fear, born of a lie, inflated from a mistake.  We recognize it for what it is – a manufactured device, a temptation, an empty place, a void, a big nothing.  No longer can it hold a place of eminence in our minds.  All its idols and images have toppled from its phony throne. We have no interest in it.  Instead we have the Mind of Christ – we perceive creation’s gentleness and it is toward this place we yearn, we seek, we reach, and train our thoughts and very Being. It is this place where we find our true and holy Selves, where we come Home. 

Each day we gain in awareness, each day our practice leads us to a quickened understanding, a new grasp of reality, a deeper experience of celestial calm and peace.  Sometimes we will feel as if our feet are not quite touching the ground.  We will wonder if it is okay in this world to encounter such joy.  Do not be afraid of God’s gentleness, His tenderness, His innocence and joy.  These are our natural, God-given, God-created attributes.  We are meant to know them so intimately that they inspire no remark!  Let them inhabit our mind, saturate our being, become our every word, thought, and deed.  It is this Creation to which we return our minds and devote our full attention.  It is this Creation which wipes the world of fear from our consciousness.  It is this Creation for which we pray:

God’s Kingdom Come; God’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  In the name of Jesus, with Whom we are one.  Amen.

[1]A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 265. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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