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Lesson 274 Today belongs to Love.  Let Me Not Fear.

  1. Father, today I would let all things be as You created them, and give Your Son the honor for his sinlessness, the love of brother to his brother and his FriendThrough this I am redeemed.  Through this as well the truth will enter where illusions were, light will replace all darkness, and Your Son will know he is as You created him.
  2. A special blessing comes to us today, from Him Who is our Father.  Give this day to Him, and there will be no fear today because the day is given unto Love.[1]
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Notes and Personal Application In today’s prayer, Jesus directs us to commit all things to God.  We just let everything stand the way it is.  We do not ask for healing, we do not ask for forgiveness, we do not ask for a job so we can pay our bills, and we do not ask for the salvation of our loved ones.  We let things be the way they are and see past them to our oneness in Christ, to our sinlessness in Christ, to the love we have for one another in Christ, and the love that God has for us His Son.  When we look upon our world as it is right now with the eyes of Christ, we are redeemed, and the world, indeed all of creation along with us. 

We do not arrive at truth by coming to God in sackcloth and ashes, fasting and smiting ourselves in sorrow.  We do not arrive at truth by reporting the sins of our brothers, agonizing to Him about the sorry state of the world, pleading and groveling before Him to save the world.  When we lay down the eyes of flesh and see with the vision of Christ, light will replace darkness.  Our minds will be flooded with the sure knowledge that we are as He created us. 

God wants us to exercise the power of our Christ mind so that we may come to understand that He made us to be like Him.  He did not make us to be underlings!  He did not make us to be eternal babies and toddlers who must always come to Him for help, for sustenance, to get our diapers changed.  God made us like Him because He loves us.  He shares everything He is with us, His Son, because He loves us.  We were created to inhabit the Universe with Him.    

Today free your mind from the ego’s god who would design creatures who were perpetually dependent upon it, perpetually manipulated by its need for attention and admiration, its changeable moods, tempers, and demands. When we free ourselves from this concept of our Father we come to Him in love and respect.  We understand our worth to Him for with Christ, we are His beloved Son, and still as He created us. 

Today look at the world as it is with the faith, the courage, the power and glory to see beyond it.  Instead of seeing it through the eyes of ego which were designed and put into our flesh faces to see discord, destruction, and deviltry, see the world through the spiritual eyes of Christ – returned to our Father in peace and joy and love, where each and every aspect of Creation is holy, innocent, pure, where each one of us live – loving and laughing forever, together as one. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 274. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 433.

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