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Lesson 276 The Word of God Is Given Me To Speak

  1. What is the Word of God?  My Son is pure and holy as Myself.  And thus did God become the Father of the Son.  He loves, for thus was he created.  This the Word His Son did not create with Him, because in this, His Son was born.  Let us accept His Fatherhood, and all is given us.  Deny we were created in His Love and we deny our Self, to be unsure of who we are, of Who our Father is, and for what purpose we have come.  And yet, we need but to acknowledge Him Who gave His Word to us in our creation, to remember Him and so recall our Self.
  2. Father, Your Word is mine.  And it is this that I would speak to all my brothers, who are given me to cherish as my own, as I am loved and blessed and saved by You.[1]
Photo by Abel Tan Jun Yang on Pexels.com

God’s Word declares us like Him.  God’s Word declares our purity and holiness.  When God made us, He created us in His likeness, to be like Him as His Sons.  He did not make a mistake.  He did not create us to see us suffer, to give us a long list of rules, regulations, and sacrifices.  He did not make us to grovel before Him and flatter Him throughout eternity.  God made us as His Sons in love and to extend His love. 

Our minds are given peace, calm, quiet, and eternal love and gratitude – and relief – when we accept the Fatherhood of God and all that comes with it.  When we believe doctrines and dogma which were designed to condemn, shame, and fill us with fear, our minds will be in turmoil.  We will live in a state of anxiety, we will not love and respect God for we have believed the myths and stories about Him that were intended to enslave our consciousness, be “good” citizens of the world, and keep us from our true identity in Him.  Our identity as God’s Son assures us of our ultimate purity, salvation, redemption, and return to Him.  We will no longer be defined by our identity in the ego world of splinters, shards, and separate pieces.  For we are as one with God! 

Deny God’s Love, Jesus states in our lesson today, and we deny our true Selves.  We stupefy ourselves.  We forget who we are and what we are and why we are here.  We try to find ourselves in a world where we must survive by our wits, our cunning, our abilities to get to the goods before someone else gets there!  We devise all manner of ridiculous and degrading theories of our origins in our religions, in our sciences, in our private thoughts and personal philosophizing.  We make up stories about God that make Him out to be a petty tyrant who demands blood sacrifice, temples designed to break the backs and rob the pocketbooks of those who are commanded to build them, and harsh punishments for those who break meaningless rules. 

It is any wonder we drown our despair in gluttony, prescription drugs, alcohol, sex, perversions, religion, and consumerism?  Is it any wonder we demand that our special relationships supply us with the sense of love and belonging that only our Father can provide? With bitter regret and tragic consistency, we strike out at the ones we love the most because they fail to deliver, using them to project our own sense of sin and shame and bewilderment, using them as an excuse for our own unholiness. 

Today listen to your heart while you meditate upon the words of our lesson.  Jesus leads us to acknowledge God Who gave of Himself in creation.  If we want to know who we are, we remember our Father – Who created us in love. 

Do not be ashamed of your hunger and thirst for God for He is our birthright.  No matter how many separate pieces Creation splinters into – each separate entity is crying out for wholeness, love, and unity with our Maker.  Today, with faith and courage, we broadcast the Word of God – the good news, the gospel of liberty, freedom, and truth.  We are over sin.  We are over shame. We are over sorrow.  We are over wondering who we are and what we could possibly be about.  We are pure and holy, and God loves us!  Today we stand with Christ as God’s perfect Son.    

[1] A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 276. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition, (1992). p. 434.

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