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PART II.  SECTION 7.  What is the Holy Spirit?

Lesson 286 The Hush of Heaven Holds My Heart Today

  1. Father, how still today!  How quietly do all things fall in place!  This is the day that has been chosen as the time in which I come to understand the lesson that there is no need that I do anything.  In You is every choice already made.  In You has every conflict been resolved.  In You is everything I hope to find already given me.  Your peace is mine.  My heart is quiet, and my mind at rest.  Your Love is Heaven, and Your Love is mine.
  2. The stillness of today will give us hope that we have found the way and travelled far along it to a wholly certain goal.  Today we will not doubt the end which God Himself has promised us.  We trust in Him, and in our Self, Who still is one with Him.[1]
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The hush of Heaven holds our heart today.  Come back to this meditation throughout the day and let its words sink all the way through your consciousness for in this stillness will we walk along the path to God with certainty and surety of foot. 

When we change our minds about how boring and unexciting peace can be and let go of our fascination with darkness, drama, and dreams, we can quietly stand by and watch all things fall into their proper perspective!   In this stillness and in this rest do we learn the need for no more worry, no more fear, no more measly manipulations or trying to prove our worth to others or to God. 

Today we meditate upon our choice for God.  We know beyond doubt that as we made that choice all conflicts are resolved.  Our Holy Self, our Holy Spirit takes care of everything.  He takes every single thing that is going on, has gone on, and is going to happen and makes something worthy and good from it.   Our Holy Self takes our special relationships that about drove us batty before our decision for God and turns them into holy relationships that correct, renew, and unite us as one.  Our Holy Self, our Holy Spirit sits upon the throne of our minds, taking the place of the pompous toady which would sit in His place.   Our Holy Self, our Holy Spirit brings us home to God, calling to us with certain unconcern that nothing in the dream can disturb our rest, our calm, our peace.  No mad rush, no impatient tapping of the feet – in the end all our separate selves become Holy Selves and come home.  It is grandeur.  It is magnificent.  It is simple, natural, and real.

Our soft and humble hearts, our relaxed and happy minds lead us to the hush of Heaven. There is no frantic calls for grinding, headache-producing, backbreaking sacrifice, pain, or loss of any kind.  We have no more need for shame or sorrow.  The stillness of God is our confidence, our assurance that we are on the path that leads us out of the darkness and insanity of separation and into the light and righteousness of God. 

We come to know our holiness in this stillness.  As we clear the throne of our mind of the false self and welcome our Holy Self, the Holy Spirit to take His rightful place – the clamor and glamor of the world loses its hold upon our imaginations and the quiet certainty of God establishes our place in His Kingdom.   

Today open your mind and heart to the truth of our lesson.  Ask God to reveal to you the truth of who and what the Holy Spirit is and what role Holy Spirit fulfills in your mind and heart.  Do not take my word for it!  Do not take A Course in Miracle’s word for it.  Do not take the words from your holy books or the words from your rabbi, priest, or guru!  Have courage and embrace all that God has for you even if it seems to conflict with all of your previous understanding and teaching.  Nobody is blessed by our being a good Catholic or a good Protestant or a good Jew, Greek, or African Methodist.  Nobody is blessed by our cowardice, by our refusal to feel smart enough, good enough, or worthy enough to seek beyond the vain traditions, primitive belief systems, and false teachings offered by the world.  The path that leads to God is revealed by our humble and contrite spirits sincerely seeking truth and understanding, saying “There must be a better way!”  When we get past our false humility and ask God directly for the truth, He reveals Himself through Love, for that is all He is and ever will be.     

[1] A Course In Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 286. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).  p. 440.

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