II.  SECTION 9.  What is the Second Coming?

Lesson 309 I will not fear to look within today.

  1. Within me is Eternal Innocence, because it is God’s Will that It be there forever and forever.  I, His Son, whose will is limitless as is His Own, can will no change in this.  For to deny my Father’s Will is to deny my own.  To look within is but to find my will as God created it, and as it is.  I fear to look within because I think I made another will that is not true and made it real.  Yet it has no effects.  Within me is the holiness of God.  Within me is the memory of Him.
  2. The step I take today, my Father, is my sure release from idle dreams of sin.  Your altar stands serene and undefiled.  It is the holy altar to my Self, and there I find my true Identity.[1]
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What is the Second Coming of Christ but to look within upon our Eternal Innocence?  We were made in innocence and in innocence will we remain forever.  It is not for me or for you to sit in judgment – for we are the Will of God, we are the Second Coming of Christ.  Inside of me and inside of you there is nothing but the reality of Christ.  The shadow images of the ego have been brought to Him, forgiven, corrected, transformed.  The purpose of time has been completed – it is swept aside and washed clean from our consciousness.  Time and all it seemed to hold can torment us no longer for we remember who we are and where we belong.  We are God’s holiness; we are His Will.

We forget this in our dreams of separation, sin, and shame, but we remember when we go within.  Today we go within!  With courage we look past the outside world with its calls for chaos, stress, and strife.  We set time aside for the divine.  We get in touch with our Eternal Innocence and we bring our true Self back to the outer world with us.  Thus we do our part in the Second Coming of Christ. 

The ego hates this approach because it cannot touch it.  It cannot judge it, it cannot set up false comparisons, it cannot get past the divine core of us.  The only thing it can do is distract us from our reality, fill us with fear of it, keep us caught up in condemnation and judgment of ourselves and others. 

In today’s prayer, Jesus affirms our release from idle dreams of sin.  We give up the constant judgment of ourselves and others.  We stop cherishing thoughts of sin and shame.  We stop enumerating them, recalling them, getting caught up in them.  We overlook all that and go all the way in where we meet our holy Self, where we remain as God created us.  There we encounter the Second Coming of Christ – our true identity as one with God and all Creation. 

[1] A Course In Miracles. Workbook for Students. Lesson 309. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 454.

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