Lesson 326 I Am Forever An Effect Of God

II.  SECTION 11.  What is Creation?

Lesson 326 I am forever an Effect of God.

  1. Father, I was created in Your mind, a holy Thought that never left its home.  I am forever Your Effect, and You forever and forever are my Cause.  As You created me, I have remained.  Where You established me, I still abide.  And all Your attributes abide in me because it is Your Will to have a Son so like his Cause that Cause, and Its Effect are indistinguishable.  Let me know that I am an Effect of God, and so I have the power to create like You.  And as it is in Heaven, so on earth.  Your plan I follow here, and at the end I know that You will gather Your effects into the tranquil Heaven of Your Love, where earth will vanish, and all separate thoughts unite in glory as the Son of God.
  2. Let us today behold earth disappear, at first transformed, and then, forgiven, fade entirely into God’s holy Will.[1]
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Today Jesus reminds us of our place in our Father’s mind.  Creation is a Holy Thought of God.  The idea of Creation never left its Source.  Forever we as God’s Effect, are as God created us.  God is the Cause, and we are the effect.  God made us like Him to be the Son – so like Cause that Cause and its Effect are alike.  Creator and Creation are one, Jesus teaches.  And today our prayer asks of God to show us the power we have to create like God creates.  To bring Heaven to earth, following the happy plan of salvation – forgiving and reflecting God’s love. 

When we fulfill our function, when we learn to think of Creation as whole and perfect, pure and holy, when we no longer cherish the spaces and outlines between us, but rather recognize and welcome and make one again – we will be gathered home.  The world we made of opposition and separateness will vanish for there is no place for rank and rancor in the glory of Creation, in the oneness of the Sonship. 

This morning as I read over our lesson in my morning devotional, I recalled the movie we watched last night.  Colette and Coltin are here to visit over Thanksgiving, and after Coltin ate his supper and polished off a bowl of teaberry ice cream, he got into his pajamas and said he wanted to watch Jumangi.  So we rented Jumangi, Welcome to the Jungle.  We laughed and carried on throughout the whole movie, it was high entertainment made especially funny by Grandpa wanting to sit on Coltin’s lap during part of the show.  Afterwards we all brushed our teeth and kissed and hugged and went to our separate beds and that was the end of it, or so I thought.

But this morning during my quiet time with God, Holy Spirit asked me to take a closer look at the movie for illustration for today’s lesson.  God’s plan of salvation is in everything we see, and it behooves us to pay careful attention. 

In short, the movie introduces us to four teenagers who have earned themselves detention through their self-centered, limited views about themselves and others.  During detention, instead of preparing old magazines for the recycling center, they find a discarded video game amongst the shelves of recyclables and decide to play that.  The game requires that they choose adult avatars to play a game of high adventure set in a jungle.  They realize almost immediately after starting the game, that this game is not set up to compete against one another, but to join their separate skills and knowledge base to survive.  The only way out is through it.  The only way through it is together.  Without one another, they will remain trapped in the game much like the lone guy they find who has been missing since 1996. 

To watch as the high school students adjust to their adult avatars is not only hilarious but upon a closer look, a good example of what this world is for all of us as Sons of God who have lost their way.  Our Course teaches us that all of us who end up here, have decided to separate from our Source.  We have made another version of Creation and the Creator that we call our own.  We are trapped in our illusions, and we think of ourselves as the bodies which have been handed to us upon our arrival.  We assume the separated identity of egos rather than remember our true identity in the oneness of God. 

Throughout the movie, when an avatar would lose one of their lives, they would simply disintegrate and then a few moments later, fall from the sky none the worse for wear to pick up where they left off.  As watchful as they became over the number of lives they had left, it was amusing and enlightening to watch them develop the love and affection for one another necessary for survival.  As they pooled their separate talents and put aside their self-limiting ideas about themselves and one another, they accomplished astounding feats. It was not until each one of them cared more about saving the others than about their individual survival that the curse was lifted and they returned home.  Like all of us, they had to learn to see past separateness, past appearances, past differences, past the past to see the commonality, the one-for-all and the all-for-one that is God’s plan for salvation. 

At the end of the game, they return to their former lives as bosom buddies, no longer separated by status and appearances.  As they have changed, so has their world changed.  The missing boy from 1996 has become a man, a father, a returned son.  The haunted house, which served as a blight upon the town at the beginning of the movie, is now a loving, lovely home.  A miracle has transpired bringing healing and restoration beyond time’s power to enchant.   

When we begin to have so much as an inkling that we are an effect of God, that we have the power to create as God does, we realize how critical it is that we think the thoughts that reflect the love, devotion, and purity of Creation.  It may seem hard on our egos to lay aside judgments, to put down our desire for vengeance, spite, attack, and defense.  Yet, this is the means by which our minds are freed from the illusion of separation.  Putting aside the ego makes room for the Second Coming of Christ to take place in our minds and hearts. Establishing peace on earth and goodwill toward all of Creation within the dream is our way back to the Kingdom which we never truly left.  Like those kids in the movie, we will be only too happy to see the game world dissolve into nothingness, as we awaken to Creation’s glory as the Son of God. 

[1]A Course in Miracles. Workbook for Students.  Lesson 326. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992). p. 464.

Audio credit: the friar patch @ www.eckiefriar.com

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