A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 11 God or the Ego

I.  The Gifts of Fatherhood 6-11

6. God has given you a place in His Mind that is yours forever.  Yet you can keep it only by giving it, as it was given you.  Could you be alone there, when it was given you because God did not will to be alone?   God’s Mind cannot be lessened.  It can only be increased, for everything He creates has the function of creating.  Love does not limit, and what it creates is not limited.  To give without limit is God’s Will for you, because only this can bring you the joy that is His and that He wills to share with you.  Your love is as boundless as His because it is His.

7. Could any part of God be without His Love, and could any part of His Love be contained?  God is your heritage, because His one gift is Himself.  How can you give except like Him if you would know His gift to you?  Give, then, without limit and without end, to learn how much He has given you.  Your ability to accept Him depends on your willingness to give as He gives.  Your fatherhood and your Father are one.  God wills to create, and your will is His.  It follows, then, that you will to create since your will follows from His.  And being an extension of His Will, yours must be the same. 

8. Yet what you will you do not know.  This is not strange when you realize that to deny is to “not know.”  God’s Will is that you are His Son.  By denying this you deny your own will, and therefore do not know what it is.  You must ask what God’s Will is in everything because it is yours.  You do not know what it is, but the Holy Spirit remembers it for you.  Ask Him, therefore, what God’s Will is for you, and He will tell you yours.  It cannot be too often repeated that you do not know it.  Whenever what the Holy Spirit tells you appears to be coercive, it is only because you have not recognized your will.

9. The projection of the ego makes it appear as if God’s Will is outside yourself, and therefore not yours.  In this interpretation it seems possible for God’s Will and yours to conflict.  God, then, may seem to demand of you what you do not want to give, and thus deprive you of what you want.  Would God, Who wants only your will, be capable of this?  Your will is His life, which He has given to you.  Even in time you cannot live apart from Him.  Sleep is not death.  What He created can sleep but cannot die.  Immortality is His Will for His Son, and His Son’s will for himself.  God’s Son cannot will death for himself because his Father is Life, and His Son is like Him.  Creation is your will because it is His.

10. You cannot be happy unless you do what you will truly, and you cannot change this because it is immutable.  It is immutable by God’s Will and yours, for otherwise His Will would not be extended.  You are afraid to know God’s Will, because you believe it is not yours.  This belief is your whole sickness and your whole fear.  Every symptom of sickness and fear arises here because this is the belief that makes you want not to know.  Believing this you hide in darkness, denying that the light is in you.

11. You are asked to trust the Holy Spirit only because He speaks for you.  He is the Voice for God, but never forget that God did not will to be alone.  He shares His Will with you; He does not thrust it upon you.  Always remember that what He gives He keeps, so that nothing He gives can contradict Him.  You who share His Life must share it to know it, for sharing is knowing.  Blessed are you who learn that to hear the Will of your Father is to know your own.  For it is your will to be like Him, Whose Will it is that it be so.  God’s Will is that His Son be one, and united with Him in His Oneness.  That is why healing is the beginning of the recognition that your will is His. [1]

Our place in God’s Kingdom is ours forever and the only way we know our place is by giving others their place, just as it was given to us.  We cannot keep others out of the Kingdom of God simply because we think we are better and more deserving than they are any more than we can keep ourselves out of the Kingdom by denying God His Creation.  Love has no limits; it has no boundaries; it has no stipulations except to create more of Itself.  To love without limit is both our joy and the joy of the Lord.  In God, our love is as eternal as God’s.  We extend it to all and for all and forever.  This may be hard for us to imagine at this point in our process.  We can all probably think of several people who seem incapable of accepting or deserving of our love.  But we are not speaking of our human love which has all kinds of stipulations and needs all kinds of boundaries in order to protect us.  We are speaking of the invulnerable love of God.  We do not have to understand it, only to ask for it and to accept it – for this is our wills being one with God. 

We do not have to be afraid of His Love. Humans and the human experience cannot abide in God’s love – He does not ask our human to love with God, for this is impossible.  Jesus requires that our Spirits love with God.  This means that there are some people we love in the Spirit but have no obligation to them in the flesh.  We can love our exes for example without any obligation to continue to have sex with them, to waste our time with their wishy-washy, or to let them back in our homes.  We can bear others the goodwill of God without allowing them to drain our finances, thwart our plans, or stand in the way of our happiness.  When we love others in the Spirit, neither do we obligate them to us or demand their money, time, or effort.  We practice the freedom that God’s Love allows us.  We do not interfere in the process of others or judge them if they have not learned the same lessons we have yet, nor do we allow them to scold or rebuke us for the lessons we have not mastered. 

None of us can be without God’s Love.  None of us have a right to try to hoard it for ourselves and our own little tribe or group.  God is our heritage!  Not our family name, our motherland, our traditions, or the culture in which we were raised.  We give this to all without judgment.  The only thing we judge is the condition of the world without God – it is a condition that affects us all and cannot be blamed on any one group of people.  None of us are more or less privileged than others.  This is a ruse of the ego which entraps us in hating and pointing fingers of blame and shame on each other instead of extending love, joy, and peace, which is God’s Will for us and our will with God.  Extending the love, joy, and peace of God’s Kingdom is the only way to happiness.

In paragraph eight, Jesus tells us that we do not seem to know what will make us happy.  We say I want to be happy, but we can’t say what exactly it takes to make us so.  We will pray for God’s Will in our life as if it is something we have to get from the perceptual world.  It can become quite silly praying for God’s Will – thinking that God cares which grocery store we buy our groceries from, or which garage we go to repair our cars.  We may think that only giving Christian enterprises our business is God’s Will.  We may think that going to other countries to spread the word of God is God’s Will and completely overlook the opportunities all around us to extend love, peace, and joy. 

Ask Holy Spirit for the Will of God, and He will tell you because otherwise the ego thought system will snatch it from your memory and you will be tempted to think that it is out there in the world somewhere waiting for you to find it.  There is nothing at all coercive about the Will of God.  It is always what brings us joy, happiness, and peace. 

Our will and God’s Will must be one for God has given us our will.  Even in our stint in time we do not live apart from Him for sleep is not death.  All around us people seem to be dying but it is only their human forms that can deform, destruct, and decay.  We can dream of death but that does not make it real.  We could never be happy in dreams of death unless we are looking past the dreams of death, nor should we strive to be happy with harmfulness of any kind.  We can only be happy in the Kingdom which is everlasting.  Where Creation cannot be destroyed; where Creation never dies, where opposites and opposition have no place. 

Extending help and harmlessness in this realm is the equivalent of creating love and peace and joy in God’s Kingdom.  If we are afraid of God’s Will, we are afraid of God.  We still think that He is out to get us and to put us through the wringer to prove our love for Him.  We still believe in the kind of God that would make us suffer humiliations and torture and go places and do things that we dread.  This kind of thinking makes us sick.  It makes us afraid of God and unable to love Him perfectly for we cannot trust such an image.  Our idolatry is more than just an image of a particular saint or the Mother Mary or the gods of one country or another, our idolatry is the false image we have of God our Father in our minds.  When we think of God as an abuser, as a bully, as a bloodthirsty warmonger, who demands sacrifices and punishes rather than forgives and corrects our mistakes, no matter how many times we go to church, no matter how much time we spend in prayer, no matter how much we read our holy texts – we deny the reality of God and we deny the reality of the light and love that is in all of us, in all of His Creation. 

Holy Spirit is both the Voice for God and the Voice for you and for me.  Learn to listen to the still, quiet, knowing Voice which will never withhold God’s Will from us nor lead us to do things that are ridiculous and shameful in the name of God.  Do not mistake the chatter and clamor of the ego for the Voice for God in your life.  Ego will tell us all kinds of flattering things about ourselves, ego will tell us how special we are to God.  We are spiritual masters, ego will whisper in our ear, gifted with spiritual insights that others simply do not understand.  Ego will tell us to leave our homes and families and other responsibilities and go to work for God in other places – being a hero to some and a complete jerk to others!  Ego will tell us that it is okay for us to fly away with Jesus and let everybody behind to suffer the shame and tortures of lost humanity.  Ego will flop us about, making us bored, dissatisfied, and discouraged with the calm, peaceful, certainty that is of God.  Ego, disguising itself as the Voice for God will give us impossible assignments, plague our mind with worry and fret, afraid we are not doing enough for God’s Kingdom.  Ego will then get its jollies from chastising us for not meeting its demands.  This is all a distraction from the Will of God which is accepting that we are one with God because we are His Son.  

Accepting that our will is God’s Will is the beginning of our healing for we are no longer running and hiding from God, but we are going toward Him, because we have changed our mind about Who and What He really is and what He expects from His Son. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 11 God or the ego. I The gifts of fatherhood 6-11. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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