A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 13 The Guiltless World

 I. Guiltlessness and Invulnerability 5-11

5. You will see me as you learn the Son of God is guiltless. He has always sought his guiltlessness, and he has found it. For everyone is seeking to escape from the prison he has made, and the way to find release is not denied him. Being in him, he has found it. When he finds it is only a matter of time, and time is but an illusion. For the Son of God is guiltless now, and the brightness of his purity shines untouched forever in God’s Mind. God’s Son will always be as he was created. Deny your world and judge him not, for his eternal guiltlessness is in the Mind of his Father and protects him forever.

6. When you have accepted the Atonement for yourself, you will realize there is no guilt in God’s Son. And only as you look upon him as guiltless can you understand his oneness. For the idea of guilt brings a belief in condemnation of one by another, projecting separation in place of unity. You can condemn only yourself, and by so doing you cannot know that you are God’s Son. You have denied the condition of his being, which is his perfect blamelessness. Out of love he was created, and in love he abides. Goodness and mercy have always followed him, for he has always extended the Love of his Father.

7. As you perceive the holy companions who traveled with you, you will realize that there is no journey, but only an awakening. The Son of God, who sleepeth not, has kept faith with His Father for you. There is no road to travel on, and no time to travel through. For God waits not for His Son in time, being forever unwilling to be without him. And so it has always been. Let the holiness of God’s Son, shine away the cloud of guilt that darkens your mind, and by accepting his purity as yours, learn of him that it is yours.

8. You are invulnerable because you are guiltless. You can hold on to the past only through guilt. For guilt establishes that you will be punished for what you have done, and thus depends on one-dimensional time, preceding from past to future. No one who believes this can understand what “always” means, and therefore guilt must deprive you of the appreciation of eternity. You are immortal because you are eternal, and “always” must be now. Guilt, then, is a way of holding past and future in your mind to ensure the ego’s continuity. For if what has been will be punished, the ego’s continuity is guaranteed. Yet the guarantee of your continuity is God’s, not the ego’s.  And immortality is the opposite of time, for time passes away, while immortality is constant.

9. Accepting the Atonement teaches you what immortality is, for by accepting your guiltlessness you learn that the past has never been, and so the future is needless and will not be. The future, in time, is always associated with expiation, and only guilt could induce a sense of a need for expiation. Accepting the guiltlessness of the Son of God as yours is therefore God’s way of reminding you of His Son, and what He is in truth. For God has never condemned His Son and being guiltless he is eternal.

10. You cannot dispel guilt by making it real, and then atoning for it. This is the ego’s plan, which it offers instead of dispelling it.  The ego believes in atonement through attack, being fully committed to the insane notion that attack is salvation. And you who cherish guilt must also believe it, for how else but by identifying with the ego could you hold dear what you do not want?

11. The ego teaches you to attack yourself because you are guilty, and this must increase the guilt, for guilt is the result of attack. In the ego’s teaching, then, there is no escape from guilt. For attack makes guilt real, and if it is real there is no way to overcome it. The Holy Spirit dispels it simply through the calm recognition that it has never been. As He looks upon the guiltless Son of God, He knows that this is true. And being true for you, you cannot attack yourself, for without guilt attack is impossible. You, then, are saved because God’s Son is guiltless. And being wholly pure, you are invulnerable.[1]

Today as we attend to our devotional practice, bring a still mind and an open mind and ask Holy Spirit to be your Teacher and Guide.  Lest we forget we must always invite Holy Spirit for that which is higher never steps over our personal boundaries or assumes privileges in our lives like that which is of the lower.  Today as I invited Holy Spirit to be my Guide I quieted my heart and my mind and brought some personal grudges to the inner altar and asked Holy Spirit to shine the light of truth upon them.

Just as Love begets an entity like Itself, so does hatred, fear, and resentment.  While Love and its creations are real and eternal, hatred, fear, and resentment are only real in time.  Instead of using time as a means to elevate the consciousness of the world and be set free from it, the ego uses fear and hatred and grudges to deaden our senses and keep us stupefied in the go-nowhere cycles of time.  Without our minds consent, the ego’s offshoots have nothing on which to leech.  The Mind of Christ is the ego’s worst nightmare.     

For we can free ourselves from such earthly entities by refusing to let them fester in our lower minds.  While we can use all kinds of self-talk, therapy, prescription meds and mind-altering substances to stop providing a place in which fear and hatred and grudges can breed, Jesus tells us today that we will be free only when we learn the guiltlessness of the Sonship. 

And the way in which we learn the guiltlessness of God’s Son is to deny this world and refuse to judge others by what we perceive.  Whether it is our elementary school teacher who terrorized and shamed us and made us so nervous we got sick every single day or if it is a coworker who steals our ideas and gets all the credit for all our hard work, we are to deny our ego the satisfaction of using our brother to breed hatred, fear, and resentment, but instead use the opportunity to learn, practice, and teach the Mind of Christ, thus bringing the consciousness of the whole world upward rather than contributing to the ongoing cycles of despair. 

We can stay in the past as long as we want to find some kind of jolly in it – but in the Real World, in the Creation as it was and ever will be – the Sonship of God is undivided, it is spotless, it is a lovely thing.  All the wrongs we did in a world that lost sight of Sonship are forgiven for in the face of eternity it simply never was. 

When you accept Atonement for you, you accept Atonement for me for just as you will see yourself without guilt so will you see me.  When we no longer see guilt in one another, we will understand our oneness, we will no longer be willing to do anything that would divide us for we find the love and peace and joy in our unity that can never be found in the perceptual serfdom.  Jesus tells us in paragraph six that when we condemn others we condemn ourselves and we cannot know our Sonship.  It is the condition of Sonship that we hold each other with tender kindness, with goodness and mercy.  We were created in Love, by Love and to be Love and that is where Sonship abides.  This is the Christ for Christ is the Sonship and the Sonship extends the Love of the Father.  

Each time we deny the world our fear, our hatred, our judgment and condemnation, and practice the Mind of Christ, we invite entities of Love.  When we show mercy, we invite entities of Mercy.  When we share joy, we invite more Joy.  As we share and practice the Attributes of God, we bring to us holy companions who travel with us.  And these holy companions will show us that it is not so much a journey but an awakening.  Christ has kept our place for us – we could say that we never really left.  The world and all its brutal history, its wicked bloodshed and taste for meat, its love of decay and torture, its overcrowded cities and humanity’s trespasses upon Creation is but a cloud of guilt that darkens our minds and keeps us asleep in a dream of despair.  And then we awaken, one by one until eventually the whole world is awake in Christ accepting His purity as our purity and remembering our Sonship.   

This morning when I brought those old grudges to the inner altar and said, “I don’t want this,” I was refusing to hold on to the past, I was denying guilt.  When I want to make another person guilty for not respecting my boundaries, I am making myself guilty for we are one.  Guilt seeks punishment and retribution for what has been done and depends upon one-dimensional time which projects what happened in the past to the future.  When we think with one-dimensional time we are not yet able to fathom eternity.  We have a mind that has been dumbed down by the ego and the seduction of the perceptual world. 

In paragraph eight Jesus tells us that guilt is a way of holding past and future in our mind to ensure the ego’s continuity.  For if we root about in the past and seek for it to be punished – the ego’s continuity – by no means, our continuity – is guaranteed.  We will make more of that guilt and project it upon others and it will make an entity of itself.  

Accepting our guiltlessness undoes the definition we have of the perceptual world and our being in it.  For it has no real meaning of its own.  It is a contrived, contradictory story and we all play a role in it until we wake up and say, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”   Until we accept our guiltlessness the ego makes up one story after the other, assuming our identities, driving us to madness with the uncertainty, the chaos, the insecurity of the perceptual kingdom.  As long as we can find someone else to blame for our hardships, our terror, our childhood trauma and failures to thrive in this batty realm, the future will always be associated with judgment.  “They were mean to me and mine and sometime in the future they will get punished.”  “I will get even.  God will get them.” “They will have to pay.”  These thoughts and attitudes like them are what keeps the perceptual world spinning – it feeds the frenetic news medias, it is the subject of our television dramas, the theme of our literature, and what we learn in school, in church, at work and at play.  We keep making more of it because we have come to like it, to not see it as the enemy of love and life and laughter, but rather as our ally and friend. 

When we recognize ourselves as the beloved Sons of God who lost their way and must return we begin to remember our immortality, our invulnerability, our place in His Kingdom.  It is no longer some pie in the sky that we can aspire to by being a good person and loving our version of Jesus and saying our prayers and going to church and reading our bibles.  Doing our best not to tell lies or tease the cat or sass our parents.  The Kingdom comes alive in us for our holy companions are the love, the joy, the peace, the goodness and mercy that exude from our holy minds.  The Kingdom of God becomes more real to us than that which we spy with our perceptual eye. 

If we make guilt real, it cannot be dispelled for once something becomes real it is forever.  The ego would have us believe that punishing the guilty is salvation.  When we find ourselves seeking to punish rather than correct, we must believe that punishment is our happiness, is our sense of great relief, is making the world right again.  When we identify this world and all that happens in it as reality, we are holding dear what we really do not want. For this world offers us no real hope, no security, no safety, no love – at its core, the ego wishes us dead.  When we provide a breeding ground for condemnation, guilt, and punishment in our thoughts, in our words, actions, and behaviors we are attacking ourselves.  We are bringing what we wish upon others, what we seek for others, onto our selves.  This is not God punishing us or deserting us or failing to keep us out of harm’s way.  This is simply the way it is – what we wish upon others is what we wish upon ourselves for we are one.   

When we align our minds with Christ, Holy Spirit dispels all guilt by recognizing its unreality.  He knows us as we are – the guiltless, the pure, the holy Sons of God.  Guilt is no longer an option.  We are saved from the prison of the perceptual world because we deny the guilt that makes it seem so real and true.  And because we are not guilty, we are holy and pure and safe forever in the Arms of God. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 13 The guiltless world. I Guiltlessness and invulnerability 5-11. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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