A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 13 The Guiltless World

V. The Two Emotions 7-11

7. Little child, would you offer this to your Father? For if you offer it to yourself, you are offering it to Him. And He will not return it, for it is unworthy of you because it is unworthy of Him. Yet He would release you from it and set you free. His sane Answer tells you what you have offered yourself is not true, but His offering to you has never changed. You who know not what you do can learn what insanity is and look beyond it. It is given you to learn how to deny insanity and come forth from your private world in peace. You will see all that you denied in your brothers because you denied it in yourself. For you will love them, and by drawing nigh onto them you will draw them to yourself, perceiving them as witnesses to the reality you share with God. I am with them as I am with you, and we will draw them from their private worlds, for as we are united so would we unite with them. The Father welcomes all of us in gladness, and gladness is what we should offer Him. For every Son of God is given you to whom God gave Himself. And it is God whom you must offer them, to recognize His gift to you.

8. Vision depends on light. You cannot see in darkness. Yet in darkness, in the private world of sleep, you see in dreams although your eyes are closed. And it is here that what you see you made. But let the darkness go and all you made you will no longer see, for sight of it depends upon denying vision. Yet from denying vision it does not follow you cannot see. But this is what denial does, for by it you accept insanity, believing you can make a private world and rule your own perception. Yet for this, light must be excluded. Dreams disappear when light has come, and you can see.

9. Do not seek vision through your eyes, for you made your way of seeing that you might see in darkness, and in this you are deceived. Beyond this darkness, and yet still within you, is the vision of Christ, who looks on all in light. Your “vision” comes from fear, as His from love. And He sees for you, as your witness to the real world. He is the Holy Spirit’s manifestation, looking always on the real world, and calling forth its witnesses and drawing them to you. He loves what He sees within you, and He would extend it. And He will not return on to the Father until He has extended your perceptions even on to Him. And their perception is no more, for He has returned you to the Father with Him.

10. You have but two emotions, and one you made, and one was given you. Each is a way of seeing, and different worlds arise from their different sights. See through the vision that is given you, for through Christ’s vision He beholds Himself. And seeing what He is, He knows His Father.  Beyond your darkest dreams He sees God’s guiltless Son within you, shining in perfect radiance that is undimmed by your dreams. And this you will see as you look with Him, for His vision is His gift of love to you, given Him of the Father for you.

11. The Holy Spirit is the light in which Christ stands revealed. And all who would behold Him can see Him, for they have asked for light. Nor will they see Him alone, for He is no more alone than they are. Because they saw the Son, they have risen in Him to the Father. And all this will they understand, because they looked within and saw beyond the darkness the Christ in them and recognized Him. In the sanity of His vision they looked upon themselves with love, seeing themselves as the Holy Spirit sees them. And with this vision of the truth in them came all the beauty of the world to shine upon them.[1]

A fearful concept of God and Creation is unworthy of God and His Creation.  God never contributes to fear but releases us from it.  The beautiful sanity and logic of God tells us that what we have made of Him and each other is simply not true except in the perceptual world.  When we are able to look at the many faces of fear that we have contrived and reach beyond fear to our Father’s undying love and devotion to us, we will not only set ourselves free but set our brothers free as well.  Taking on the Mind of Christ, we are united with our brothers in love and no more separated from them in fear.  Our Father Wills that it is not one here or one there but all who are redeemed and set free.  When we lay down all desire to be special, to send some to hell and only keep our own kind for heaven, when we look upon all of Creation with mutuality and love and goodwill, we recognize our Sonship, we recognize the gift of eternal life that God has given us. 

This is not something we see in darkness, this is not something we can fathom with our lower minds enchanted by the dark shadows of fear, titillated by crime and war and decay and death.  Let all that go, and it will disappear.  When we give up our insane notion that we can make of Creation what we want to make of Creation and divide it up and make our private kingdoms – light comes, and we can see Creation as it was created.  We can be Creation as it was created – pure, wholesome, kind, and true.   

This is not something we seek in the perceptual world with our flesh eyes, for our flesh eyes are designed to see in darkness and to be deceived by darkness.  It is the Vision of Christ within each one of us which looks on all in light.  Our flesh eyes were designed to survive in a dog-eat-dog world fueled by fear; the Vision of Christ comes from Love.  The Vision of Christ dwells within our higher minds, the manifestation of Holy Spirit, seeing the real world and drawing forth those of us who awaken and see it, too.  We are awakened to join with Christ in the healing of the world and return to the Kingdom.

We have two emotions – fear we made, and love was given us.  We can see the world through the emotion of fear and see a hellish realm ruled by terror, dread, and disaster providing no escape from death, disease, and destruction.  Or we can see through the Vision of Christ – our lifeline to the Father, our escape from the bands of time, our laying down of humanity for our divinity, our meeting our Selves as we were created shining in perfect radiance undimmed by the shadowland of separation.  As we join with Christ His Vision is His gift of Love to us – given to us through our Father, reminding us of our Sonship. 

When we behold Christ our holiness is made known to us for we have asked for light.  We join Christ in Sonship, not as eternal servants, not as everlasting grovelers before God oohing and ahhing over how big and strong and smart He is.  This is an unworthy image of our Creator who does not need flattery and praise and worship but rather Sons dedicated to love and goodwill and extending the Kingdom of God forever.  When we look within, we see beyond the darkness, we see beyond the flesh and blood, the bone and gristle which has a very short and fear-filled life span upon the face of the perceptual world.  We look beyond our humanity and see Christ, we see the Sonship, we see ourselves as Holy and as Spirit for this is the vision of truth where all the beauty of Creation shines. 

Today in your personal devotion ask Holy Spirit to take you beyond fear to the Vision of Christ.  As we journey past fear, do not be afraid to look at the fear of abandonment, the fear of not fitting in, the fear of poverty, the fear of aging and decaying, the fear of disease, torture, death, the fear of mockery, scorn, and ridicule, the fear of never finding love, the fear of losing our special relationships. Taste the fear, hold it in your mind, meditate upon it for only when we examine it, question it, scrutinize it and face it square on can we know that it is not real.  Fear has nothing at all to offer us.  There is no place for fear in our awakening.  There is no place for fear in our enlightenment.  There is no place for fear in the Kingdom of God for fear is a lie that opposes Love and that which opposes Love opposes God for God is Love.  All power, all glory, all praise belong to Him and it is this we acknowledge with our Love for Him and His Love for us, His Son. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 13 The guiltless world. V The two emotions 7-11. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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