A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 13 The Guiltless World

XI. The Peace of Heaven 1-5

1. Forgetfulness and sleep and even death become the ego’s best advice for dealing with the perceived and harsh intrusion of guilt on peace. Yet no one sees himself in conflict and ravaged by a cruel war unless he believes that both opponents in the war are real. Believing this he must escape, for such a war would surely end his peace of mind, and so destroy him. Yet if he could but realize the war is between real and unreal powers, he could look upon himself and see his freedom. No one finds himself ravaged and torn in endless battles if he himself perceives them as wholly without meaning.

2. God would not have His Son in battle, and so His Son’s imagined “enemy” is totally unreal. You are but trying to escape a bitter war from which you have escaped. The war is gone. For you have heard the hymn of freedom rising unto Heaven. Gladness and joy belong to God for your release because you made it not. Yet as you made not freedom, so you made not a war that could endanger freedom. Nothing destructive ever was or will be. The war, the guilt, the past are gone as one into the unreality from which they came.

3. When we are all united in Heaven, you will value nothing that you value here. For nothing that you value here do you value wholly, and so you do not value it at all. Value is where God placed it, and the value of what God esteems cannot be judged, for it has been established. It is wholly of value. It can merely be appreciated or not. To value it partially is not to know its value. And Heaven is everything God values, and nothing else. Heaven is perfectly unambiguous. Everything is clear and bright and calls forth one response. There is no darkness and there is no contrast. There is no variation. There is no interruption. There is a sense of peace so deep that no dream in this world has ever brought even a dim imagining of what it is.

4. Nothing in this world can give this peace, for nothing in this world is wholly shared. Perfect perception can merely show you what is capable of being wholly shared. It can also show you the results of sharing, while you still remember the results of not sharing. The Holy Spirit points quietly to the contrast, knowing that you will finally let Him judge the difference for you, allowing Him to demonstrate which must be true. He has perfect faith in your final judgment because He knows that He will make it for you. To doubt this would be to doubt that His mission will be fulfilled. How is this possible when His mission is of God?

5. You whose mind is darkened by doubt and guilt, remember this: God gave the Holy Spirit to you, and gave Him the mission to remove all doubt and every trace of guilt that His dear Son has laid upon himself. It is impossible that this mission fail. Nothing can prevent that what God would have accomplished from accomplishment. Whatever your reactions to the Holy Spirit’s voice may be, whatever voice you choose to listen to, whatever strange thoughts may occur to you, God’s Will is done. You will find the peace in which He has established you, because He does not change his mind. He is invariable as the peace in which you dwell, and of which the Holy Spirit reminds you.[1]

In our devotional text today, Jesus assures us that each one of us have are holy and we are spirit.  Our Holy Spirit never left us and there is nothing we can do in the realm of perception to shake Him for He is as we were created and ever will be.  God will never change His mind about His Creations. 

No matter how darkened our minds and perverted our ways seem to be Holy Spirit’s function is to remove all guilt and shame, all sense of sin and uncertainty.  Jesus says that it is impossible that Holy Spirit fails us – it does not matter what voice we listen to, whether we curse God or bless Him, whether we have holy thoughts or strange and dirty thoughts – God’s Will is done, and it is God’s Will that we find the peace in which we were established.  God will never change His mind about us.  His love is as constant as the peace of His Kingdom where we will dwell forever.  Holy Spirit will never let us forget it.  As individuals and collectively – God will gather us Home.  God does not declare war upon His creation.  God does not send for some and not for all.  There is no magic word or potion or behavior or creed that gets us into heaven.  It is time for us to understand God’s love and undying devotion for us and to practice God’s love and undying devotion toward each other and toward Creation. 

This is God’s Will.  This is where we find the peace that has been established for us from the beginning.  This is the call of Holy Spirit within us – reminding us of God’s peace through our laying down of all illusions. 

We will end with paragraph five today and complete this section tomorrow.  In your personal devotional practice, relax into the peace of God.  Know that this world is an illusion – that what you think of as you is not You at all!  All that blame and shame, that belief in victim and victimizer, those sometimes off and sometimes on again relationships that characterize your life, the meanness and spite that was inflicted upon you and that you inflicted upon others – means nothing at all.  It does not define you nor does it define your brothers.  What you really are may be hidden from your awareness as an individual and what we really are is hidden from our awareness as a collective.  But Holy Spirit calls to you and to me as individuals even as Holy Spirit calls to all of Creation, reminding us of and calling to us to put away our weird belief systems that deny the peace of God’s Kingdom and come Home – complete and whole in Christ Who makes us one. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 13. The guiltless world. XI The peace of heaven 1-5. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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